Why Your Husky won’t listen to You (And How To Stop It)

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If your husky doesn’t listen to you, you’ll probably be wondering why and what you can do about it. This post will give you many reasons why your husky might not listen to you and give you what you can do about it. So why don’t your huskies listen to you? There are many reasons why your husky might not listen to you. In many cases, you don’t know what the command means because you don’t spend enough time training. Other possible reasons include lack of exercise, not paying enough attention throughout the day, rupture of the eardrum, depression, distraction, being in a new place, punishing it for the wrong thing, and rewarding it for accidentally ignoring you. And how to get your husky to pay attention to you? There are many things your husky can do to pay attention to you. The most effective option is to train it to listen to you, gradually, while distracting. You can do it by teaching you to sit down and stay and build using distractions. You can also give you a lot of husky exercise, use positive strengthening training, reduce punishing it for bad behavior and train it in various places. It really helps to take a lot of time to understand why your husky might not be listening to you because it helps to stop it from doing so.

why your husky isn’t listening to you

There are several reasons why your husky might not have listened to you.


It may be tempting to punish your husky’s inappropriate behavior in doing so. Logically, you might think that punishing your husky for inappropriate behavior reduces behavior. But what you’re actually punishing it for is often not the same as your husky thinks you’re punishing it. If you punish it to get away, it associates the punishment with the last one that comes back to you. There are other issues with using punishment as a training method. It can lead to things like depression, aggression, destructive behavior, and it can cause distrust to you. Instead, a better approach is to use positive reinforcement training that rewards your huskies for you to behave in the right way. By doing this, you can strengthen its good habits while preventing bad things.

you’re not trained enough

Your husky may not listen to you because you don’t know what you want to do. If you haven’t taken the time to teach you to come to command it, when you tell you to come, you won’t know what it means you want to go to you. That’s why it’s important to take the time to train a husky because it teaches you to listen to you when you tell it.

Lack of exercise

Husky is a breed that requires a lot of exercise to be properly stimulated. If your husky doesn’t do much exercise on a daily basis now, it may become more hyperactivity and less willing to listen to you. If that’s the case, you’ll definitely need to do a lot of husky exercise.


Another reason your husky may not listen to you is that it is overly excited. When huskies get excited, they become more hyperactive and can cause less listening. If your husky is overly excited, it is important to make sure you get a lot of exercise and you need to adopt training techniques in the video section below.

You’ve paid for it for ignoring you.

You may have inadvertently rewarded your husky for not listening and it strengthened the action. Perhaps your way of drawing your husky’s attention was to handle it instead of rewarding it to do what you say. To prevent this, you need to reward what you did what you wanted when you told it.

you’re talking small

We’ve been doing something called “command nagging”, so we may be telling you over and over again that we’re sitting down, even though we don’t know what you’re talking about. If you tell them to sit down and say that if it doesn’t do it first, it’s better to go back to the steps and sit back and sit back and sit down with a treat and lure it in.

not paying enough attention

It may not be you paying attention to your husky and it no longer expects anything from you. This may not listen to you when you are around. To reduce this behavior, you need to pay a lot of attention, exercise every day and play together to associate with positive things.

Ruptured eardrum

If your husky suddenly starts listening to you even though you have listened to you earlier, it may have damaged its hearing. If you think this may be the cause, you should start by taking it to the vet to find it from them.


Also, your husky may not have listened to you because of depression. If your husky hasn’t listened to you after a recent stressful event, this may be the case. Possible causes are that you have recently moved, recently changed the owner, recently lost one of your friends, or have not shown affection. If you think this may be the cause, you should consider getting help from animal activists.

it’s distracting

If you’re training a dog in one place or you’re not training it to listen to you when there’s a distraction, it’s much less likely to listen to you when you are in another location and there is a distraction. To stop this, you need to train your husky in many different places and you need to start from scratch when you do.

I’m using words instead of actions

Husky doesn’t understand what you’re saying. If you don’t tell me to come to you in command earlier, you won’t know that telling you to come, it means coming to you. If so, it is more effective to use exaggerated movements to pay attention to you when you are trying to stop you from ignoring you.

You’re in another place.

Another thing to consider is that husky and most other dogs do not associate that it was taught in one place to do the same thing elsewhere. This is why it is important to train your husky in several different places.

how to get your husky to listen to you

There are a few things I can do to get your husky to start paying attention to you i’ll mention below.


The first thing you can do is give it a lot of exercise and attention. If you don’t give your husky exercise a lot, it may stop you from reacting, so it’s important to do it. An easy way to give you a lot of husky exercise is to teach it to play fetch. In doing so, you can get your husky to do more running in a short time frame.


If your husky wants to listen to you, it should give you a lot of training on it. One training exercise you need to do is to teach them to stay distracted. To do this, you must first teach them to sit down. If you haven’t done so yet, you should be able to sit it down, sit it naturally, by telling it to sit down and then sit it down and invite it to a position by holding a treat on your head. It will continue the process until you can sit down as soon as you say “sit down”, sitting in a treat to reward it. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have to teach them to stay. To do that, say “sit down”, say “stay”, wait half a second and reward you for keeping focused. Repeat the process to increase the amount of time required to continue the work at all times. Once you’ll be able to stay for more than 15 seconds, it’s time to introduce distractions. Call this “sit down” and “stay”, show distractions like toys and reward you to keep focusing. Just start by showing the toy, and gradually making it harder to roll the toy, shake your hand, and lose focus. You can watch the video below to see how it is done. When you are teaching your husky to pay attention to you, it is important to do it in different places. Otherwise, it will be harder to have you listen when you are not at home. If you’ve had a hard time getting your husky to pay attention, exercising in advance can be easier. By exercising it, you can make it less hyperactivity and respond to you.

Get expert help

If you still can’t understand why your husky doesn’t listen to you, or if you can’t pay attention, you should consider getting help from a dog behaviorist.

Things to consider

Don’t expect a sudden change to change your husky habits, but that’s not something you can do easily overnight. When you start listening to huskies in different situations, you have to train many times over the course of a few months. When the husky stops ignoring you, it’s important to match your workout. Sometimes just training isn’t enough to change your habits, and you might return to those who don’t listen right away. Don’t punish pting to punish your husky for not hearing you it might be tem, but doing so is an ineffective strategy and it can lead to other problems. Instead, it’s a good idea to actively strengthen your good behavior by rewarding yourself when you do what you like.

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Why doesn’t my husky listen to me outside? If your husky doesn’t listen to you when you’re outside, you may not have trained enough in different places and trained it to listen when distracted. To deal with this, you need to train it in different situations. Watch the video above and see how it works.Why doesn’t my husky listen to me on a walk? If your husky doesn’t listen to you for a walk, it’s probably because it’s distracted by everything that’s going on around it. To listen to you, you need to train it to listen to you when you are walking.

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