Why Your Husky Licks You So Much (And How To Stop It)

Licking Husky
Husky is a very loving dog that is known to be a lot of a tin. This post will help you understand why your husky is licking so much and how to stop it. The reason that your husky might be licking two main things is grooming and affection. Other reasons include dehydration, stress and anxiety, boredom, illness, exploration, and attention. And how to get your husky to stop licking? The best way to get your husky to stop licking depends on why it is licking. However, common methods include not paying attention when licking, not rewarding when not doing it, giving toys to lick instead, giving them more exercise and fixing pain by going to the vet.There are several reasons why huskies can actually do it, even if they are naturally easy to lick. The best approach to fix it depends on the cause of licking.

Why your husky is licking so much

There are a lot of reasons why your husky might be licking a lot, but I’ll mention the main onebelow.


Huskies often groom themselves by licking. They also groom others, such as when their mother husky is yaning her puppy. This is one of the reasons they lick you too.


Another common reason huskies lick you is that it is a sign of affection. When it’s licking you, it trusts you and lets you know that you are part of that tribe. This type of licking is normal and often happens when you try to pet it.


Huskies also often get tinged when they’re excited. This usually happens when you are paying attention or when you are about to go out for a walk.


The husky may be dehydrated or hungry. If this is the case, you will be licking your lips a lot. If you think this is the cause, give it a bowl of water and food. If it drinks water quickly, it was probably the reason.


Another cause of constant licking could be if your husky is stressed or worried about something. This is more likely to include recent lysis, such as when a family member is gone or when one of the other dogs dies. In addition, it is likely to deal with it by being abused in the past, and licking it.


Husky was bred to become a very active dog. If your husky doesn’t do much exercise, it might be licking a lot out of boredom.


Another possible cause of constant licking may be due to illness. When you are sick, you can get a bad taste in the mouth, this may happen to husky too, so licking could be the way to get the taste out of that mouth. If you think this might be so, take it to the vet and make sure it has access to water.


The husky begins to lick before opening his eyes, so he naturally begins to explore the world with his tongue. This habit can naturally continue to be an adult that causes things to lick quite often.

Ask attention

Another reason it might be licking you is that it wants to pay attention. If you haven’t paid too much attention to it, it may have turned out that you can get your attention by licking it. If you think this is the case, you should pay attention when you’re not licking it, but lick and temporarily ignore as the licking notices and it won’t attract attention.

It Still Young

Puppies tend to be more excited and curious and tend to lick more for it. If your husky is still young, you are more likely to settle down as you get older, but now you still need to take time to train so that you will get better as an adult.

How to stop licking a husky

The best way to get your husky to stop licking depends on the cause of that licking. But below are some things you can try.

They pay no attention

One way your husky can reduce the amount of licking is to stop paying attention when it licks you. You don’t have to ignore it for just long enough so you can stop licking it and then you can give it attention again. By doing this, you’ll be able to reinforce that licking can’t get what you want and you can’t get the will to lick.

Reward for not licking

When you train your husky not to lick you, it becomes important to reward it when you don’t lick you to teach you not to lick the results with rewards. You can watch the video below to see how it is done.

Give a toy

One option you have is to distract by giving it a toy to play with. This option works temporarily well, but it doesn’t stop the husky from licking you.

give it a lot of exercise

What you definitely do is give it a lot of exercise. By making sure it gets a lot of exercise, you’ll be able to reduce that boredom by reducing the amount you feel it needs to lick yourself and how much it licks you for attention.

Fix pain

If your husky keeps licking the same area, it’s possible to have pain there. If you think your husky licking may be due to pain, your best option is to take it to the vet.

They patient

When you are training your husky to not lick, it is important that you be very patient. Licking is part of their nature and is not something that you can stop quickly, but with persistence you can reduce it over time.

Things to consider

Don’t let them lick your face

Husky often tries to lick a lot of your face when you’re particularly excited, but don’t let them. That’s why your husky might have licked the one with the bacteria and risk letting those bacteria spread to you.

It’s important to start a young child.

It’s tempting to polish a puppy that licks because of your age, but you should start training younger. They respond more as puppies and they will be more willing to allow you to change their behavior. If you wait until you get older, it will not react to you and will make it difficult to change that habit.

Get help

If you’re worried about how much your husky is licking yourself, you should consider getting help from a certified animal behaviorist. They can know if something is wrong with your husky and they’ll be able to help you reduce the lick.

Related Questions

Why does my husky lick me in the morning? If your dog is licking you regularly in the morning, it will probably say it is thirsty and hungry and wants to go out to pee. To make this stop, let them pee just before going to bed, let them do a lot of exercise, and get used to getting up later. For more information, please click here.Why is my husky licking itself excessively suddenly? This can be caused by pain, anxiety, illness, stress, and many other reasons. Your best option is to take it to the vet to see if it is a disease or pain or get an animal behaviorist to see it.

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