Why your Husky follows you everywhere

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If your husky is following you everywhere, you’ll probably be wondering why and what you can do about it. This post tells you why your husky is following you and many reasons to give you what you can do about it. So why does your husky follow you? There are many reasons why your husky is following you. Possible reasons might have strengthened the action by paying attention, something like food, separation anxiety, wanting to follow you in its nature, and giving you what you want it to be. And what can you do about it? To get your husky to stop following you around you, you can do more exercise than usual and ignore your behavior and reward or get help from dog behaviorists when it doesn’t follow you. Before you stop following you around your husky, it really helps you to take the time to understand why.

Why Your Husky Is Conceivable To Follow You Around

There are a number of reasons why your husky might be doing it.


The first reason your husky might be doing it is that it wants to pay attention. Huskies are breeds that are bred to drag sleds for hours on a daily basis because they require more exercise to be properly stimulated. If your husky doesn’t do much exercise, it might start to follow you because you’re waiting to give it. If your husky isn’t exercising too much now, it’s important to check it out over time.

it wants something

It’s also possible that you want something other than your attention. The most likely thing it wants is food. If you have learned to get food followed around you, it will encourage action.

Separation anxiety

The reason it follows you around may be due to separation anxiety. This is where your husky doesn’t like to be left without you, and when it happens, it will cause anxiety. When you see you’re leaving, or pee or destroy it when you’re away, sometimes becoming aggressive or depressed can indicate separation anxiety.

it was bred to work with humans

Another thing to consider is that huskies were bred to work with humans. Because of this, your husky will ask for directions and sometimes you will be expected to follow.

you strengthen the action

You may have learned to follow you everywhere because you inadvertently rewarded your actions. Perhaps when it follows you around, you pay more attention to it or give you more candy or maybe it doesn’t follow you around you forgetting to walk you around.

How to stop your husky from following you

give it a lot of exercise

Husky is a breed that requires a lot of exercise to be properly stimulated. If they don’t get enough exercise, it makes them hyperactive and can look for ways to get it. That’s why it’s important to make sure your husky gets a lot of exercise. An easy way to give your husky more exercise is to teach it to play fetch. In doing so, you can get your husky to do more running in a short time frame without having to do so much on your own.

Try to ignore it

Another thing we can do is take steps to stop rewarding our actions. Instead of giving your husky what you want, when you follow you, you can ignore it and try to be rewarding when you work the way you want.

Get help

If your husky can’t stop following you around, you should consider getting help from dog behaviorists. They can properly diagnose why your husky is behaving that way and show you what you need to do about it.

Things to consider

No punishment.

If your husky doesn’t want to follow you, it might be tempting to punish it for doing so. However, this should be avoided because it may lead to other problems such as anxiety, stress, destruction, lack of trust in you, and lower motivation to listen to your commands in the future.

it’s not uncommon

It may seem strange to you that your husky has a habit of following you everywhere, but it’s not uncommon for huskies to do so.

They patient

When you’re trying to stop following the husky, it’s important to be patient. Getting your husky to stop following you everywhere is not something you can stop overnight, so it’s important that you have consistency and stick to it.

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Why does my husky suddenly follow me everywhere? If your husky suddenly starts following you everywhere after not doing so before, it indicates something wrong. Recent events may have made you worried that you might get sick or feel uneasy. Your best option is to take it to the vet to check it out.Why does my husky follow me to the toilet? If your husky has a habit of following you in the toilet, it wants to protect you, but it can also be attributed to separation anxiety. This is where you usually shut it out and don’t like it to be left alone because it chases you to the toilet because you don’t like it.

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