Why your Golden Retriever is naughty

Golden retriever
If your Golden Retriever is naughty, you may be wondering why and what you can do about it. This post shows why it is done and for several reasons about what you can do about it.So why is my Golden Retriever naughty? Possible causes are lack of exercise, not getting adequate training, wanting to pay more attention, rewarding behavior, teething, or having separation anxiety. There are actually many different causes, and it can be attributed to a combination of different reasons. However, there are a few things you can consider to help you figure out the exact cause. There are many things you can do to calm down.

Why golden retrievers are naughty

Each of the different reasons it is disobedient probably comes with some clues. Below are the number of possible causes of why it behaves badly and what is likely to happen.


Golden Retrievers are a breed intended to get more exercise every day. When they’re not getting much exercise, it can cause them to develop behavioral problems and that’s why you’re doing inappropriate behavior. In general, it is recommended to exercise for at least an hour every day. If your Golden Retriever doesn’t do that much exercise, it will help you make sure you do.


If you don’t give the Golden Retriever a lot of training, you don’t know how to behave and behave like you do. The feeling that the behavior desires is unlikely to behave the way you want. That is why it is important to give more training, which is discussed below.


The reason it is naughty, it may be looking for attention. If your Golden Retriever isn’t getting much attention, you might have been able to learn that the best way to get it is to behave inappropriately. In this case, you can ignore the action (unless you have destroyed something) and start your action, pay your attention and start over.


Cause, something could have been causing fear. This is more likely to start to be naughty at a frightening particular time, such as if there are fireworks outside.


It’s not uncommon if the Golden Retriever can be heard in one place or elsewhere. The different distractions you have in a new place may be too much to remember what you’ve trained to do before. The best option here is to train again in the new environment, as we did in the old one.

you’ve been rewarded for it

You may have mistakenly encouraged you to be naughty by giving what you want when you do it. If you tend to give extra attention, something like a toy or candy when it starts behaving inappropriately, you may have learned to do more of it to get more rewards. Instead, it helps to avoid rework and use positive reinforcement training to redirect focus and change its behavior when it seems to be trying to play a prank, waiting to settle down before rewarding.

They have teeth

The cause is that if it is a puppy and is starting to bite things a lot, it could be more likely teeth. To prevent you from biting what you don’t want it, you need to train not to follow the video tips below and give a lot of toys to bite instead.

Separation anxiety

You may also be doing it for separation anxiety that you don’t like to be left alone, and you may become uneasy. Separation anxiety is a prank when you are gone and is likely to be a reason if you start to become anxious when you leave. In this case, you can try to reduce the feeling of anxiety in your absence: pick up your key and so on and look like you’re about to leave, repeat these two steps a few times, actually picking up the key and putting your hand on the door handle. Repeat the process of actually making more movement towards the remaining directions, actually open the door and come back after a while outside, reward the golden retriever above and every time you’re outside a little longer, you can see tips on how to do this in the video below:

How to make your Golden Retriever play a prank

Below are some options you have when you get it for better behavior.

train it

If you don’t give a golden retriever much training, it’s important to start training to learn how to behave. It helps you to start by teaching the basics such as sitting and staying and then building on something more difficult. If your Golden Retriever is naughty, it’s probably going to destroy things. You can train to stop this directly by doing a lot of voluntary “leave it” training every time it starts to be destructive. Watch the video below and see how it does.


As mentioned earlier, it is important to make sure that you can exercise every day. In general, golden retrievers are advised to get at least an hour of exercise every day.

reduce one’s ability to be a prankster

You can also take steps to reduce how naughty it is. You can do this by keeping it away from what you don’t want to be destroyed and giving it plenty of toys to prevent it from escaping and keep occupying it.

Crate Training

Another option is to give crate training which means giving you the space you can go to feel more secure. Watch the video below and watch how to train to become comfortable with crates.

Get help

If you can’t stop getting naughty or are aggressive, it will help you seek professional dog trainer s and behaviorist guidance in your area. That way, you should be able to see how to stop mischief in a safe way.

Things to consider

They patient

It is important to be patient when training the Golden Retriever. It’s unlikely that you’ll get great results just once or twice. But if you match the training, you’ll get much better results over the next few weeks.

avoid punishment

It also helps to avoid punishment if you behave inappropriately because you may not know why you are punished, and you may be aggressive and resentful of it. Instead, it helps to give a lot of positive reinforcement training so that you can train it by strengthening good behavior.

when it first started it

Trying to understand why your Golden Retriever is being naughty will help you think about what happened when you first started it because there could have been an event that caused it to begin. If it suddenly starts it, it’s likely that diet changes, fears, it will learn to get rewarded or attributed to sudden changes in its daily routine.

when it behaves more inappropriately

It can also be useful to consider whether to behave inappropriately at certain times because timing can be relevant. For example, when you become naughty when you are away or when you leave, it is more likely due to separation anxiety.

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