Why Your Dog Cries When you Leave it Outside (6 Reasons)

If your dog cries when you get out, you may wonder why and what you can do about it. This post shows six common reasons why they do it and what they can do to stop it. In fact, there may be a combination of causes in play. However, there are a few things you can consider when thinking about the main causes, but there are many things you can do about them.

Why dogs cry when you go out

Below are six common reasons your dog might be doing it, and six common reasons why they are likely to be the main reasons.

Separation anxiety

The reason it does is that it may have some separation anxiety. This is more likely if you do so more when you tend to cry when you leave the house and leave it for a longer period of time if you tend to be uneasy when you leave the house. If you’re currently putting it outside for a long time, it will help you avoid doing so because it’s likely to be causing you to get anxious and cry. Instead, it helps to give positive strengthening training and behaves like a thought while indoors because nothing in life is free training.


Maybe it’s because it’s hungry or thirsty. This is more likely if you do more when you haven’t been able to eat or drink for a while.

It’s cold.

The cause might be that it wants to enter a cold, warm place. Obviously, this would be more likely if you’re doing it more when it’s cold outside. This will help you train to behave as you remember when you’re in the cold.

I’m afraid you won’t bring it back.

The cause is also considered to be worrying that it will not be allowed to come back for a long time. This is often more likely if you leave outside for a long period of time. As mentioned earlier, it avoids doing so and it helps to give you training to behave better around the house.


It is thought that the cause is the one that the cause is a frightening cause outside, too. Scary reasons include hearing other people or dog voices, sirens, or something else.

it wants you to watch it

You may also do it because you want to watch it when you are outside. This would be more likely if you tend to look back a lot on the door to see if you are there.

Things to consider

Below are some things that you can consider when you come up with the main reason why it is doing it.

what else happened when you first left it outside

If you didn’t cry all the time when you were out, it will help you think about what else happened after you started it. If you start doing it all of a sudden, it may be caused by a long period of time, or it may get cold.

What’s the difference when you do it?

When you go outside and don’t necessarily cry, it’s also helpful to think about what’s different when you don’t do it. For example, if you only do this after a certain period of time, you’re worried that you won’t come back, or because you want to come back.

what to do about it

Here are a few things you can do about your dog crying when you get out.

try not to stay there too long

If you have been getting your dog out for a long time now, it will help you avoid doing so. As the RSPCA stated, it is very difficult to meet the needs of the dog if the dog is left outside for a long period of time. In addition, if it is too cold outside, there is a risk of heat stroke when it gets too cold or hot outside.

train it to behave the way you want

Try giving them a lot of training to learn to behave the way you want when you’re inside, rather than going out for a long time. By training it to behave the way you want, it doesn’t have to stay out for so long. I recommend giving it a combination of positive strengthening training and nothing in life is free training.

be able to get the right amount of food and exercise

It also helps to make sure that you can get the recommended amount of exercise for that age and variety because it can now eat the right amount of food and you may be crying for those wanting.

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