Why is my Rottweiler quiet?

A quiet rottweiler may seem good on the surface, but it can be a concern for the owner, especially if Rottweiler is usually active. There are also several reasons why Rottweiler is quiet. So why is Rottweiler quiet? There may be several reasons, but the main thing is a quiet personality, and you are not accustomed to the environment (still), previous experience, age, illness or injury, previous training, boredom or sometimes depression. There are actually many reasons why it might be quiet, and the combination of reasons could be due. However, there are many things to consider when trying to understand the main reasons. There are many ways to do this.

why your rottweiler is quiet

Each of the different reasons for quiet, perhaps comes with some clues. Below are a number of reasons why it might be quiet and why it makes them more likely.


If your Rottweiler was always quiet, it could be naturally quiet, which is not uncommon in Rottweiler. It also means that it’s loud and you’re more likely to help your Rottweiler when you know it’s something important and it really needs it. If it has a quiet personality, there are a number of training tips I can use to change its behavior as I mention in the section below.

It’s not comfortable (yet)

If you’ve recently got your Rottweiler, it may still not be comfortable in a new environment. In this case, the more comfortable you become, the more likely it is to become quieter. But it helps to pay positive attention, train and exercise it.

Past Experiences

You may also have previous experience that taught you to be quiet. This would be more likely if your Rottweiler is a rescue rottweiler. The reason is that in the past, if it was made to be quiet when it was loud or punished, it would associate loudly with bad results. If this is what you suspect, Rottweiler may want to train it to become more comfortable in your presence and become more vocal and get help from certified dog behaviorists.


As your rottweiler gets older, its hearing will gradually deteriorate, and this will make you less visible than your lottoweiler, so your reaction to the noise you’ve made in the past will be worse.

Previous Training

The reason it was quiet could be that it was trained to be quiet in the past. Being quiet, in the past, if it had been taught, would get what it wanted, it would probably work in a quieter way. If you think this may have happened, you could take steps to teach you to be a little more vocal as mentioned below.

Illness or injury

Maybe the reason it’s quietised is because it’s sick or injured. This would be more likely if it suddenly started to quiet down and if it shows other signs of illness or injury. In this case, the best option would be to take it to the vet.


In some cases, Rottweiler is depressed and quiet. While it is difficult to diagnose when Rottweiler is depressed, other symptoms include changes in appetite, increased sleep time, loss of interest in things, excessive foot licking and avoidance or concealment. If you think this is the cause your Rottweiler is quiet, you should get help from the vet.

what to do about being quiet

Below are some options for keeping Rottweiler quiet.

Allow adjustments

If you recently introduced Rottweiler into your new environment, it’s helpful to give you a little more time to adapt to the new environment. This should be more comfortable in the new environment in a few weeks. If it doesn’t grow after a few weeks, consider using one of the other methods below.

Helps to become comfortable

If you think Rottweiler is not familiar with the new environment, you should take steps to make it more comfortable. This includes showing it around the area, paying more attention, chewing toys and allowing more exercise in new areas.

Make sure you don’t get sick or hurt

If it suddenly started it or has shown other signs of illness or injury, such as a lot of coughing, it is best to take it to the vet. In doing so, you should be able to get professional advice tailored to your particular rottweiler and eliminate illness and injuries as a cause.

exercise it

It also helps to see if you can get the daily amount of exercise recommended if you are healthy, not caused by illness or injury. In general, Rottweiler recommends exercising for at least an hour a day as a healthy adult.

train it

You can also try to train it to bark using positive strengthening training. This is where you encourage the actionyou want to see by rewarding when Rottweiler is showing signs of display. To use it to bark more and more, you may reward when you are showing signs barking as shown in the video below.

Things to consider

Avoid physical measures

It helps to avoid physically punishing it for being quiet. Physically punishing you may not know why it is being punished, and may cause behavioral problems to develop. Instead, it helps to give positive reinforcement training to learn how it means to behave.

it might just be a more subdued rottweiler

Your rottweiler may be naturally quiet. It would be more likely if it was always quiet. This wouldn’t be so bad because it means that your rotweiler will be easier to manage.

Provides a wide range of ways to communicate

If your rottweiler tends to be quieter more naturally, you might want to give other ways of communicating like that. This includes placing a bell on the patio door attached to a string that can be tapped when lotweiler wants to enter.

When it first went quiet

If you’re not always quiet, it can be a possibility that the event that caused it to start, so it helps you think about what else happened when you first started to be quiet. If you suddenly start to be quiet, you are more likely to be sick, injured, depressed and in a new environment.

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