Why is my Labrador so stubborn?

If your Labrador is stubborn, you might want to know what you can do about it. This post shows why labradors are stubborn and what they can do about it. So why is my Labrador so stubborn? The possible reason is that you’re not trained to follow your command, you’ve trained it the wrong way, you’ve stopped training it, your Labrador has learned that listening to you leads to getting what it doesn’t want, disease or lack of exercise.Your Labrador may behave that way for several reasons and it may be due to a combination of them. However, depending on the most likely cause, some things are possible.

why your labrador is so stubborn

Below are a number of reasons why your Labrador may be stubborn and why they are likely to be the main reason.

it’s not trained to listen to you

If you don’t give the Labrador much training, it will behave like a behavior, not knowing how it behaves. The way you feel like behavior is hard to think of, like behavior. Therefore, it is important to do a lot of training.

When I was distracted, I was able to train.

If you’re training, there may be a problem with the training method you’re using. If you tend to train it in a distracting environment, it may have too many distractions around and it may not pay you much attention. Instead, train it in a distracting environment like a backyard and help build to train it with distractions.

you stopped training it

If you’ve trained in the past, you may be stubborn now because you’ve stopped training. It’s more likely if you’re gradually becoming stubborn over time. It is important to continue to provide training for the Labrador and continue to respond to commands.

it’s learned to listen to your story get what it doesn’t want

If you tend to punish your Labrador when you say it, you may have learned how to stop saying. For example, if you punish it for something inappropriate, you will probably learn not to come to you, not to behave inappropriately. Instead, starting with the basics and building from there will help you provide a lot of positive reinforcement training.

you didn’t train it step by step

If you trained it, it could have been your training method wrong. When training a Labrador, it helps you to do simple things and start by building it to do more difficult things.

it’s boring

Labradors are intended to exercise on a daily basis and can begin to behave abnormally when they are not getting enough. Generally, healthy adult Labradors are advised to get at least an hour of exercise per day.

it’s sick

If you suddenly start to become stubborn, it may be because you are sick or injured. It’s more likely if you are showing other signs of illness or injury as well. In this case, the best option would be to take it to the vet.

How to Make Your Labrador So Stubborn

Here are a few things you can do to make your Labrador less stubborn.

train it to do what you want

The first thing to do is to take the time to train your Labrador to work the way you want. This can be done using positive reinforcement training by teaching simple commands in a simple environment and building more difficult commands in a more distracting environment.

Avoid negative reinforcement

It also helps to avoid strengthening your behavior by rewarding your recalled behavior and avoiding it when you don’t want to.

exercise it

It also helps to see if you are a healthy adult and can get the right amount of exercise. In general, it is recommended to exercise at least one hour a day.

make sure the meal is correct

Your Labrador may have become stubborn for something you’ve been feeding it. This would be more likely if you started to be stubborn when you started giving something different. It helps to make sure no one else supplies it and you can see here to see if you should feed it or not eat it.

They patient

When training a Labrador, it is important to be patient. You are less likely to be able to significantly change behavior in just one training session. But you can get good results by training consistently over the next few weeks or months.

Things to consider

When you start to be stubborn

If you’re not always stubborn, it could have been an event that caused it to start, so it helps you to think about what else happened when you started it. If you suddenly start to become stubborn, you are more likely to be sick, injured, negatively reinforcing behavior, eating problems, lack of exercise, and so on. It helps me to think about what has changed when I become stubborn.

When you’re stubborn

It also helps to consider whether there is a specific time that tends to be more stubborn because timing can be relevant. For example, if it comes only when it is fed, it should train it to come at different times as well.

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