Why is my husky scared of me?

Siberian Husky
If your husky seems to be scared of you, this post will help you understand what you can do about it. So why are my huskies scared me? There are many nuances to consider when trying to understand why your husky is scared of you. If you have a good idea of the cause, it will be easier to make it stop.

Why your husky is scared of you

Each of the different reasons your husky has been behaving timidly probably comes with some clues. Here are some of the reasons why your huskies might be doing it and why they are more likely.

you were aggressive against it

The reason it scared you could be that you or someone else was aggressive against it. This would be more likely if you suddenly scared you after you were aggressive against it. In this case, training, exercise, and playing together can help you pay a lot of positive attention. It is also important to interact with it in a calm and non-aggressive way.

I don’t know the environment.

The reason it’s scary is that it could be in a new environment. This is more likely if you recently adopted it or if you got scared around the same time you moved home. This may improve in a few weeks. You can help by giving it a lot of positive attention, as above.

Previous owner

The previous owner abused it and it may have caused distrust in people. This is more likely if recently adopted from a shelter. In this case, it’s likely to start improving in a few weeks.

I’m sick and injured.

Maybe the reason it’s scary is because it gets sick or you get hurt. This is more likely if it suddenly starts it and shows other signs of illness or injury, such as fatigue or limp. If you think it’s caused by illness or injury, it’s best to take it to the vet.

Enhance behavior

You may accidentally strengthen your behavior by giving them what they want when they become afraid. Instead of rewarding when doing it, be aware of when you’re trying to be afraid and focus on other things like rollover or coming to you.Siberian Husky

Things to consider

Below you should consider a few things that will help you understand why your husky is doing it.

When your husky came to be afraid of you

When you try to understand why your husky is scared of you, it will help you to consider when you first started to fear you. There may have been an event that triggered me to start being afraid. You can consider include: if someone else was mean to it if you moved into the house, if you stepped on its tail

If it only scares you at a certain time

It also helps to consider when it becomes scary. If you are not always afraid, there may be external influences that are causing you to do it at certain times. There may be some things that may be different: there is lightning and lightning outside it makes you afraid when it’s dark outside it makes you afraid when a particular person is around

that age

It will also help you consider the age of your husky. If it is just a puppy, it can go through a more frightening stage that is not uncommon in puppies. On the other hand, if you get suddenly scared in adults, you are more likely to be caused by the above.

what to do your husky scared you

Here are a few things you can do about what your husky is afraid of you.

be gentle around your husky

It would be helpful to behave calmly around it because the reason your husky is afraid can be due to the way you’ve interacted with it. Huskies generally react very much to the owner’s emotions and may react in a similar way when you become very emotional with your husky.

Play and Exercise

Husky is a breed intended to get more exercise on a daily basis. If they don’t get enough exercise, it can cause them to work abnormally. If your husky isn’t exercising too much now, you can do it reliably by walking it, fetching it, or having a dog walker do it for you.

avoid physical punishment

If you punish or reward your husky when you are showing signs that you are afraid, you may have stepped up your actions. Instead, it’s better to use positive strengthening training techniques instead of punishing it, avoiding reacting when you don’t like it. Punishing it can make things worse because you don’t know why you’re punishing it and it can cause feelings of anger against you.

They patient

When training your husky, it is important to be patient. It is unlikely that you will get drastic results in a single workout. But if you keep training for weeks or months, you’ll get better results.

take it to the vet

If you can’t understand why your husky is afraid, or if you can’t stop it, take it to the vet and help get expert opinion tailored to your particular husky.

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