Why is my dog obsessed with me?

If your dog is obsessed with you, this post will show why it might be the case and what you can do about it. So why is my dog obsessed with me? The possible reason is that you may have anxiety of separation, wanting attention, exercise or food, or may have accidentally reported your actions. In fact, there are a couple of nuances you can consider when trying to figure out why it is doing it. If you have a good idea of the cause, it will be much easier to stop you from sticking to it.

Why your dog is attached to you

Each of the different reasons it does probably comes with a number of clues. The following describes the number of possible causes and what increases their chances.

it wants to pay attention

The reason your dog is attached to you may be because you are asking attention. This is more likely if you are more attached to it if you pay more attention when you are not paying much attention to it, and when it is attached to you. Instead of paying attention to it, when it sticks to you, it helps to pay attention to it all day by playing with it, training it and exercising it.

it wants exercise

Maybe the reason it does is because it wants exercise. This is more likely if you are a lively breed like husky or German Shepherd and you don’t exercise much at the moment. In general, dogs are advised to exercise for about an hour a day. If your dog doesn’t currently get the amount of exercise that is recommended for that breed, it will help you make sure you do.

it’s hungry

The reason it clings to you, it could be hungry. This is more likely to be true if you are no longer attached to you when it is eating and you are more attached when you are not eating for a while. This will help you to make sure that you are supplying the right food and that you are getting the right amount of food.


That’s why it does it because it comes out of fear. It’s more likely if you do it when a horrible thing is going on. For example, fireworks are if someone doesn’t like it or someone recently abused it.


What should be considered is that most dog breeds were bred to work with their owners. If so, if you gave it a lot of training, it will naturally see direction to you, and this may be why you seem to be obsessed.

Separation anxiety

Your dog may have some separation anxiety. This is a place you don’t want to be alone, and the prospect of being left alone will cause it to be tense. If your dog starts to get nervous when you’re about to leave, this is likely to be the reason.

Enhance behavior

Dogs are often attached to their owners because their owners have accidentally strengthened their behavior. This may be the reason your dog is attached to you. This is more likely if you tend to give you what it wants when you get hooked, such as toys, sweets, and attention.

Things to consider

Below are some particularly useful things to consider when trying to understand why your dog is obsessed with you. Once you have a better understanding of the cause, it is easier to take the appropriate action.

When you’re crazy about

It helps to think about when you first cling to you. There may have been something that may have happened around the same time you got hooked: you paid it off once when you were obsessed with you and you moved home someone abused it

when it’s more attached to you

It can also give you some clueas about why it does it, so it helps to consider when to stick to you. Time to do it may include: when you’re around for a certain person when you’re not feeding it for a while, you’ll usually pay more attention when you walk it

How to get your dog to stop clinging to you

There are many things you can do about your dog being attached to you. The best option for your dog largely depends on what causes you to do it. Below, I’ll mention a number of things you can do about it.

train it to hear your command

If you haven’t given your dog much training yet, it will help you do so. By training it to listen to your orders, it will make it easier for your dog to behave the way you want. This will help you train to stay lying somewhere to make it harder to stick to you. Then, when you start to get hooked, you can say that it is lying. I’m writing about how you train your dog to learn the “down” command here.

exercise it

If your dog is not doing much exercise now, it will help to make sure you do. You can exercise it by walking it or playing fetch ing at it or having the dog walker do it for you. If it’s getting exercise, it may not be getting enough exercise. In this case, you could try wearing it further by playing fetch with it that would help especially if it is an active breed.

Make sure that the meal is correct.

It helps to make sure that it is eating the right food. You can see here to see what you should feed your dog or what not to do.

give a distraction

You can also give something that is distracting. What you can give it includes puzzles for toys, dogs and bones.

Avoid negative reinforcement

As mentioned earlier, by giving you what you want when you are attached to you, you may have inadvertently trained to attach to you. Instead, it will help you avoid rewarding and train to use positive strengthening training when you are obsessed with it.

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