Why does my Rottweiler roll in the grass?

If your Rottweiler keeps rolling in the grass, you may wonder why and what you can do about it. This post shows why you do it and what you can do to stop it. So why does Rottweiler roll in the grass?The main reason is that they like to feel, chill, itchy, inherited from the wolf to hide its scent, regain the natural smell after being washed, mark the territory, obsession, excitement, and like to shed loose hair. And how do I stop my rottweiler from rolling in the grass?The best way to stop your rottweiler from rolling in the grass depends on why you’re doing it and usually can’t stop completely. Instead, you can reduce the amount they want it to do. Methods include grooming them, skin tests of parasites, exercise, training to come to your orders, keeping it cool and taking it to the vet. There are a lot of reasons to like to do it, and the combination of them could be due. However, there are many things you can consider when trying to figure out the exact reason, and there are many things you can do about it.

Why Your Rottweiler Rolls In The Grass

Below are a number of common reasons why Rottweiler likes to roll in the grass and why you like to do it.

they like how it feels

The obvious reason that your rottweiler may be rolling in the grass is that you might like how it feels. It may feel better because it rubs fur on the blade of grass and feels good on the skin, like a way to enjoy the sensation of massage.

To cool down

Another possible cause your rottweiler rolls in the grass is to cool down. Rottweiler has a double coat and may get hot during the summer. Rolling around in the cool grass may help to cool down. This is more likely if you tend to do more when it’s hot, and you start doing more after the weather gets hot.


Just as we use a scratcher back when an itchy dog is rolling in the grass. It’s just possible that it has a skin infection or has a parasite in the fur that it is getting relief by rolling in the grass. To prevent this from applying, it is important to examine red spots and bugs on the skin.

To mask its scent

Rottweiler tends to drive prey higher. The cause of the grass rolling can hide its scent so that other animals can’t smell it when they’re nearby, and don’t know where it was.

Inherited from the wolf

One theory is that dogs like to roll in the grass because they are traits inherited from wolves. Wolves were observed rolling with odors from other animals, and then when they returned to the tribe they would follow the scent back to their origin. This could be the way to hunt prey easier and faster.

To regain their natural smell

It’s not uncommon to roll in the grass after Rottweiler is washed because they don’t like the smell of conditioner. If your rottweiler tends to do it immediately after you bathe it, this will be the cause.

To mark their territory

The cause is that they may have spread their scent so that other animals in the area know that they are nearby. If it happens in your backyard, this could be the cause of the grass rolling. But if you’re rolling in the park lawn away from where you live, it could still be the cause.


There may be some emotional problems that are causing your Rottweiler to show compulsive behavior. This may be the cause if your Rottweiler has recently experienced stressful events such as changes in the environment or changes in the owner, or if you have been abused in the past. If you think this is true of Rottweiler, consider getting help from a certified dog behaviorist in your area.


Your rottweiler may express the excitement of rolling in the grass when it is happy. If you roll mainly in the grass when you are playing with it, this is likely to be the actual cause of the grass rolling.

To shed my hair

Also, your rottweiler is shedding its hair and it may have some loose hair on its fur. This is probably something very exciting, so your rottweiler may be rolling in the grass. If your Rottweiler has started to shed more than recently, this is likely to be the case.

How to stop your rottweiler from rolling in the grass

There are many things you can do to reduce the amount of rottweiler rolling in the grass. Instead, i can take steps to reduce the amount I want to roll in the grass to mention below.

grooming it

The reason your rottweiler rolls in the grass is because you tried to cool it down or remove the loose hair that takes care of the rottweiler. Grooming it helps because it allows you to keep its coat clean and keep bubbles and it helps to get rid of loose hair.

Check the skin and fur

It is important to inspect the red area of the skin and fur of Lottoweiler and possible parasites. If you think it could be the cause of the grass rolling, go to the vet to check it out.

train it to come to your orders

If you train your rottweiler to come to you on your orders, you’ll be able to stop rolling in the grass when it’s so and get your lottoweiler to come to you when you see it’s going to be. To do this, do the following: If you have one to sit down and tell it to reward it with a treat, you will get a long lead with some candy you like. If you haven’t t taught Rottweiler to sit still, you’ll want to do it first. Then say “stay” if you pay attention to it for one second, reward it. Then repeat the process every time you get it to keep that attention a little longer. Then if you reward it with it walking back, then tell them to walk a few steps. Continue it every time you walk a little more, and when it gets better, wait a few seconds before walking back. Now make sure you do this often to stay back in a few steps and say “come” and say reward it repeatedly come to you until you can go far and your rottweiler will continue to respond to your command

give other things to keep occupying it

Your rottweiler may be rolling in more grass from boredom, so it’s worth giving a lot of toys to play with it so that you don’t roll in the grass to spend time.

Keep your cool

It is important to make sure that your rotweiler may be rolling in the grass to cool off, so help keep it cool. To do this, help to give access to shaded areas, cool rooms and lots of water. It also helps to walk early in the morning or in the evening when the sun is not strong.

Go to the vet

If you are still worried that your rottweiler will roll in the grass and can’t stop it, consider going to the vet to see if there’s anything wrong.

Is grass dangerous?

The short answer is that it can. The problem with allowing your rottweiler to roll in the grass is that it can get sick because of the bacteria in the grass. Another problem is that grass often contains pesticides and other poisons that may be harmful to your rottweiler. In other words, if lotweiler tends to roll in the grass, it should avoid areas where the grass may have been processed.

Things to consider

There are a few things I would like to keep in mind that I mention below.

it’s not uncommon

If your rottweiler likes to roll in the grass, it just doesn’t have to worry too much. All breeds have a habit of rolling in the grass, so it’s normal for them to do. However, if your rottweiler exhibits other strange symptoms or the grass suddenly rolls, it may cause concern sought by the vet that you might want to get a check.

don’t physically punish it

It may be tempting to punish your Rottweiler for doing it, but you may not understand why it is being punished. Instead, it rewards you when you don’t roll in the grass and helps you try to redirect the focus when it looks like you’re starting to do it.

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