Why does my Rottweiler jump on me?

If your Rottweiler is jumping on you a lot, this article shows you a number of reasons why it can do it and what you can do to stop it.So why does my rottweiler jump on me? Possible causes are excitement, want to pay attention, not adequately trained, or reward each other for action. There are many possible causes, but there are a few things you can consider to understand the exact reason. There are also many things you can do to stop jumping on.

why your lottoweiler conceivable to jump on you

Here’s why Lottoweiler might make you a lot of jumps and why they’re more likely to be the main reasons:


cause, it may indicate its excitement. This makes you more likely to jump in situations such as when you get home or when you’re playing. One of the reasons why excitement is caused is that you might want to say hello to your face. It may also be because the puppy’s mother fed them from their faces and they jumped up to get food.


The reason why it does it may be because it is trying to attract attention from you. This is likely to be the reason if you tend to give more attention when you do it and tend to do more when you pay attention to it. To prevent this, it will help you pay attention when you are behaving the way you want. However, it also helps to avoid paying attention when jumping up by avoiding jumping up and ignoring it until it settles down.

Lack of training

If you don’t give Lottoweiler a lot of training, you’ll probably behave like it’s behaved. It’s unlikely that you’ll feel the way you like it. Therefore, it is important to do a lot of positive reinforcement training by starting from the basics and building from there.


Cause, something could have been causing fear. This is more likely if you do more in situations such as if you do a lot at random timing or if you have a loud noise outside.

reward one’s actions

You may also have encouraged your rottweiler to jump on you by giving you what rottweiler wants when you do it. Giving special attention, toys, sweets, etc. during the jump makes you more likely to do more to get paid. Instead, reward when you’re behaving the way you want and help you avoid rewarding when it’s behaving inappropriately.

How to Stop Your LottoWeiler Jumping On You

Below are some options you have when you quit it.


It might be doing it to get extra attention from you, so one option is to stop paying attention when it does and wait to get out of the room if necessary and settle down before paying attention again. If it starts to jump up to you again, you will stop paying attention to it again. Doing this should teach you that jumping up doesn’t mean it will get what you want from you.


Another option is to focus on something, such as sitting or lying down when it looks like you’re about to jump up. Doing this should help you get it from the habit of jumping up to you.

don’t train it

You can also use positive strengthening training to train yourself not to jump. This is where you reward when you don’t jump up and stop rewarding when it happens. To use positive reinforcement training to stop jumping, try the following: get your lotto weiler to sit down to get some candy you like. If you haven’t taught Lottoweiler how to sit still, you can do this by inducing a treat on your head until you sit naturally. The idea is to reward it for sitting down and paying attention to you, because you want to reward it before you have the opportunity to fail. Do the same as above, but increase the duration each time you stay. When your rottweiler can stay for more than 15 seconds, start introducing distractions such as toy squeals. Start with a small distraction just to show the toy, and make it difficult, such as rolling it in front of it. You can watch the video below to see how it is done.

give a lot of exercise

To completely stimulate your Rottweiler and reduce the way it becomes hyper, it helps to give a lot of daily exercise. In general, healthy adult rottweiler is advised to get at least an hour of exercise per day.

Things to consider

They patient

When training Rottweiler, it is important that you be patient. One or two training sessions are unlikely to change your behavior significantly. But if you match training, you should be able to get much better results over weeks or months.

When i started jumping

If it didn’t always jump on you, it could have caused the event to start, so it will help you to consider what happened when you first started it. If your Rottweiler suddenly starts it, it’s likely to reduce sudden attention, like learning to get rewarded when it does it, or due to a sudden change in its daily routine.

when it jumps more

It also helps to consider whether there is a specific time that tends to do more because timing can be relevant. For example, if you are excited and tend to do more, it is more likely that excitement is the cause, and it will help you to ignore and stop until you settle down as described above.

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