Why does my Rottweiler destroy everything?

If your Rottweiler was destructive, you might wonder why and what you can do about it. This article explains why Rottweiler can be destructive and what you can do about it. So why does my rottweiler destroy everything?There are a lot of reasons why it could be happening. The main thing is that it may be in its nature to be on the teeth, boredom, separation anxiety, fear or on the more destructive side. The best way to diagnose the cause of that destruction is to consider whether you are around and the age of Rottweiler. How do I stop your Rottweiler from destroying everything?There are a number of options you can try, and the best depends on the cause of its destruction. Some options you can try are to give a lot of exercise and do a lot of “leave it” training, crate training, dog nursery and get help from certified dog behaviorists. In fact, there are a number of reasons why Rottweiler is doing it, but it could be due to a combination of reasons. But there’s a lot you can do about it.

why your lottoweiler is destructive

Each of the different reasons your Rottweiler has destroyed everything probably comes with some clues. The following are the number of possible causes and make them more likely.

They have teeth

Maybe the reason i came is because my teeth started to grow. It’s more likely if you are a puppy, if it suddenly starts it, and if it starts biting things a lot. This stage can last about six months, so you need to understand Lottoweiler very much during this period. However, it is important to take the time to start training now. To reduce the destruction of what you do not want to be destroyed, you need to give a lot to bite and follow the advice given in the next section below. It may be tempting to do nothing, but you shouldn’t do this because it should settle down when your teeth stop. The best time to make Rottweiler a good habit is when you’re still young. It’s easier to change the habits of rottweiler, who is a puppy than an adult rottweiler. If you don’t take steps to stop that destructive behavior now, it may continue into adulthood.


Rottweiler is intended to get exercise every day to be fully stimulated. When they’re not getting enough exercise, they’ll often look for other ways to stimulate themselves and that may be why it was destructive. In general, it is recommended that you get at least an hour’s exercise per day as a healthy adult.

Separation anxiety

cause it may have some separation anxiety. This is more likely if you tend to be more destructive when you are about to leave or when you are not at home. You can watch the video below for some tips on how to deal with that separation anxiety.


Why it does it may be something that is causing it horrible. This is more likely if you do more at a certain time, such as if there is a certain noise outside. You can try the advice described in the following sections to fix this kind of destruction, but help from certified applied animal behaviorists and board certified veterinary behaviorists in your area often go a long way.


Your particular rottweiler could be more destructive than others. This is more likely if you are always behaving that way. To stop this, you need to be patient and consistent with your training. If it is not working, you can consider using dog nursery or crate training to solve the problem when you are not around.

How to stop the destruction of your rottweiler

Here are a few things you can do to avoid destroying Rottweiler:

Train not to be destructive

First of all, active reinforcement training is performed. Here’s where you encourage the action you want to see. Training to stop your rottweiler from becoming destructive should be quite spontaneous, because you’ll usually do it when you start destroying things. To train it, it is necessary to keep the candy convenient. Then, when you start chewing things, you get that attention, and when you pay attention, you sit down or lie down and reward them with a treat. This teaches you to pay attention when they are feeling impulsive, rather than destroying things. Watch the video below and you can see how to reduce the destruction of Rottweiler is very important to be very patient because it takes time to change their habits and teach them what to chew and what not to bite.

reduce the ability to destroy things

It also helps reduce access to things that might be destroyed. To do this, you can take advantage of the house divider, you can cut off part of the backyard and reduce access to certain rooms in the house.

Conduct crate training

One way to keep your rotweiler from destroying anything while you’re away is to get used to them staying in crates. I get used to getting used to crates, not because they don’t work otherwise, but because I want to. You can see how to do crate training below

Use dog nursery

Another option to make sure your rottweiler can’t destroy anything is to use a dog nursery. This option is suitable if your rottweiler is old and you don’t want to use crates and will help you socialize with other dogs.

give a lot of exercise

As mentioned earlier, Rottweiler intends to do exercise every day. If you are a healthy adult, it will help you get exercise on a daily basis. In general, it is recommended to exercise at least one hour a day.

have a lot of toys

One way to stop Rottweiler from chewing what he doesn’t want is to have a lot of toys to chew instead.

Get help from dog activists

If you can’t stop it or you can’t figure out the cause, one option is to get the help of a dog behaviorist. In doing so, you should be able to see why you are doing it and how to stop it.

Things to consider

There are a few things to keep in mind when training Rottweiler to stop destruction.

Try to avoid spray products

The problem with using spray products is that they don’t tell you what they don’t bite. All you want is to teach you what you can chew and what you can’t chew instead.

physically avoid punishment

If a dog is physically punished for destroying something, you risk losing faith in you and fear it. This can lead to other problems such as anxiety and often don’t stop it from being destructive.

when it first started it

If it’s not always destructive, it could have been an event that caused it to start, so it will help you consider what happened when it first started to become destructive. If you start it suddenly, you are more likely to have teeth, a sudden change in your daily routine, less exercise, anxiety, or a change in your diet.

Tend to be more destructive

It also helps to consider whether there is a specific time that tends to be more destructive because timing can be relevant. For example, if you tend to be destructive when you are away or when you leave, it is more likely due to separation anxiety.

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