Why does my Rottweiler breathe so fast?

If your Rottweiler breathes fast, you’ll probably want to know what you can do about it. This post explains the common causes and what you can do about that.So why does my rottweiler breathe fast? The conceivable reason is that it is active, it is a large dog, it is not getting enough exercise, illness or injury, heat stroke, medication or allergic reactions. However, there are a few things you can consider when you come up with the main causes.

Why Your Rottweiler Breathes So Fast

What is the reason why less is a common cause of it and is likely to be the reason your Rottweiler does it?

it’s an active big dog

Rottweiler is a big dog and they can be very active. If your rottweiler tends to be bigger and it is very active, it is likely to breathe faster because it naturally requires more oxygen in its body. It’s more likely if you’re always breathing fast, and if the vet has never found a problem.

To cool down

By panting, dogs can circulate air through the body to help them cool (source). Maybe the reason your rottweiler is breathing fast is because it’s trying to cool itself down. This is more likely to occur when breathing is temporarily fast when it is hot, such as after exercise or when you are in a hot room.

Lack of exercise

Rottweiler is a breed intended to get more exercise on a daily basis. When they are not getting enough exercise, it can cause them to develop health problems and that may be why your breathing is fast. Generally, if you are a healthy adult, it is recommended that you exercise at least one hour a day. Your Rottweiler isn’t getting that much and if the vet confirms that it’s not a disease or injury, it will help to make sure you get exercise often.

Illness or injury

Breathing may be fast due to illness, medical condition, or injury. This would be more likely if it suddenly started it and showed other signs of illness or injury, such as fatigue, vomiting or limp. If it appears to be sick or injured, it will help you take it to the vet.

I’ve been working lately.

If your rottweiler tends to breathe faster after exercising, it’s likely to be because you’re doing it to cool down.


If your Rottweiler has been out in the sun for a while and it’s starting to pant a lot, it may be because you have heat stroke. Also, if you’re drooling more, your heart rate is very high and you’re more likely to have diarrhea or seizures. If it does so, make sure to follow the advice in this article to cool it up or put it in some area, give water and take it to the vet.


If you get hot lately, you may be panting more to cool down during the day. It’s more likely if you start panting more when the inside is hot. In this case, it will help to make sure that you give access to shading areas, cool rooms and lots of water.


If your Rottweiler starts breathing faster after taking the drug, it may be a side effect of the drug (source). But it will help you to make sure you are okay with your vet.

Allergic reactions

The cause may have caused an allergic reaction to something. This is more likely if you have shown other signs of an allergic reaction, or if you suddenly start breathing fast, and you see it eating or interacting with things you shouldn’t have. It helps to take it to the vet if it shows signs that you have an allergic reaction.

Things to consider

Below are some things to consider about your Rottweiler breathing fast.

when it started

If your rottweiler always pants fast, it is more likely to be natural, especially if the vet has not found a problem on previous visits and it is a big rottweiler. But the next visit will help you to ask if asthma is normal. If you’ve recently started breathing fast, it could be an event that caused it to start, so it’s helpful to think about what else has changed when you start it. If you suddenly start breathing faster, you are more likely to cause heat stroke, allergic reactions, changes in diet, hot, more active, and illness or injury. In this case, it would be a great option to take it to the vet.

How to stop your rottweiler breathing fast

Here are some options for quitting your breathing fast to Rottweiler:

take it to the vet

If your Rottweiler suddenly started breathing fast, you don’t know if it was panting heavily or why the best option would take it to the vet to eliminate the possibility of it due to medical problems. It also helps to consult your vet when you see them next to that breath to reaffirm that it is normal if you are always breathing fast.

Keep your cool

If the weather gets hot these days, it will help you make sure rottweiler is cool. This can be done by exercising when not hot in the morning or evening and allowing access to shading areas and cool rooms.

exercise it

As mentioned earlier, it is important to allow Rottweiler to do a lot of exercise on a daily basis. If your vet has not found any problems, exercise rottweiler on your own or help get the dog walker to do it for you when you can’t do it.

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