Why does my Rottweiler bark at strangers?

If your Rottweiler keeps barking at strangers, you may be wondering why and what you can do to stop it. This post shows why it might be doing it and what it can do to stop barking at strangers. So why does my rottweiler bark at strangers? The possible reason is that it is protected, was not very sociable as a puppy, lack of training, or abused by people it had not known in the past. Your Rottweiler might be doing it for several reasons and it could be due to a combination of them. However, there are a few things you can consider when trying to figure out the main causes.

Why Your Rottweiler Barks at Strangers

Here are some of the reasons why your rottweiler might be doing it and why they are likely to be the main reasons.

it’s protecting its territory and its owners

You may be doing it because it is protected. This would be more likely especially if you do it when people you don’t know are in that house. If you do it when you are walking it, it may still be protected, but it may also see them as a threat. In this case, it is useful to implement the following training tips:

Lack of socialization

As a puppy, Rottweiler learns who, what to trust, and who he doesn’t trust. The reason your Rottweiler barks at strangers may be because when it was a puppy, it couldn’t interact with many people. This would be more likely if you adopted Rottweiler from the shelter.

Lack of training

If you don’t give Lottoweiler a lot of training, it works in the way it feels most natural, not knowing how to behave. This is always unlikely to behave the way you want. Therefore, it is important to spend time training with Rottweiler and behave as desired. If you haven’t done it yet, it’s best to sit down and start with the basics, such as building from there.


The reason it came may be because it was abused by people when it was young. If so, it may be considering strangers a threat or worrying that similar things will happen as has happened in the past. It would be more likely if adopted from a shelter.

Enhance behavior

The reason it is done may be because you encouraged the action by mistake. If the way to stop it is to give you what you want, you are more likely to get paid more. Instead of giving a candy-like Rottweiler thing when barking to a stranger, it tries to recognize and redirect its focus when it is about to start barking.

How to stop your rottweiler barking at strangers

Below are the number of options Lottoweiler has when he stops barking at strangers.

Teach to associate rewards with others

One option is to train others to associate rewards. To do this, give your Rottweiler special candy when you are approaching others during a walk and stop when it starts barking. By repeating this process, your rottweiler can learn to make people bark and stop getting sweets to stop it.

make others insensitive

Another thing you can do is get used to being around other people. To teach them to stop barking, you will reward it when you don’t bark around them and stop rewarding it when barking.

teach to listen to your orders

It also helps to train your Rottweiler to become more sensitive to your commands. By training it, you can get it to hear your command and it will be easier to control your rottweiler during improper behavior.

Avoid encouraging action

It also helps to avoid strengthening behavior by not giving you what you want when you start barking. When it barks, try to recognize when you are trying to bark, not give what you want, and redirect that focus to you.

Try the growl class

If you have one in your area, take Rottweiler to a growl class. This is where dogs are trained not to bark at other people or other dogs.

Get help from dog activists

If Rottweiler can’t stop barking at strangers, it’s also an option to get help from dog activists. In doing so, you should be able to see why your rottweiler is doing it and how to stop it.

So calm down.

When interacting with your Rottweiler, it helps to do so calmly. Dogs often react when their owners are uneasy and rottweiler doesn’t change.

Things to consider

Below are some things to consider about your Rottweiler barking at strangers.

When you bark at a stranger

If there is a situation, it is easy to bark at strangers, but timing may be relevant. If you notice a stranger barking only when you’re around the house, it’s likely to be protected. On the other hand, if it always does it, it is more likely to see them as a threat, lack of training and socializing with as many people as puppies.

Initially began barking at strangers

If you don’t always bark at someone else, it can help you think about what else happened when you first started, because the event that caused it to start may have happened. If it suddenly started it, it may be because someone abused it or you rewarded it for accidentally barking.

Be consistent

When training rottweiler, it is important to match the training. If the training is consistent, you can get much better results in the weeks and months.

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