Why does my Rottweiler attack other dogs?

If your Rottweiler is aggressive against other dogs, it will make you want to stop as soon as possible. This post will help you understand why Lottoweiler does it and how to stop it.So why is my rottweiler aggressive against other dogs? Possible reasons include lack of exposure to other dogs, domination, overly enthusiastic play, that it is protected or that other dogs have abused it before. Your Rottweiler may be doing it for a variety of reasons and it could be due to a combination of causes. But there are a few things you can do about it.

Why Your Rottweiler is aggressive with other dogs

Here are some reasons why it does it and why they are more likely to be the main reasons.

Lack of exposure to other dogs

The reason why it does it, it may be that you didn’t date out too much with other dogs as puppies. As puppies, they usually get to interact with their trash on a daily basis. This allows other dogs to learn that they are friends, that they do not attack them, and it also teaches them how to control their bites. If your Rottweiler didn’t get to do it, it will still have it in its nature to be careful with other dogs.


The reason your Lottoweiler does it could be that dominant. It’s more likely if you tend to do it with a small dog and do other dominant things, such as trying to position yourself that it’s higher than you. It is important to be very careful when you are near a small dog because Rottweiler can have a strong prey drive. This will help you provide a lot of training, get professional help, and follow the other tips listed below.

overly enthusiastic play

It may be if you are actually playing with other dogs, but it’s an overly aggressive way. This is more likely if you show less aggressive signs, such as showing your tongue, or if you don’t bite or growl. Either way, this is something you will try to stop with the help of training and dog trainers.

Protecting territory or owner

Rottweiler is a very protective breed and may do it because it is overly protected. It’s more likely if you do it around other people, and if you do it before it interacts with other dogs.

Lack of training

If you don’t give Lottoweiler a lot of training, it will behave like a behavior. It’s unlikely that you’ll feel the way you like it. Therefore, it is important to do a lot of training. Here are some tips on how to train Rottweiler to be less aggressive with other dogs:

How to stop Rottweiler from being aggressive

Here are some of the options you have when you want Rottweiler to stop you.

Teach your dog to actively associate reward other dogs

One option is to use positive strengthening training to learn that row going around the other dog will lead to getting rewarded. This is where you reward Rottweiler when other dogs are around, and it’s causing you to have a positive feeling that it can be around other dogs. One way to do this is to reward when you are approaching another dog and stop rewarding as soon as it starts to become aggressive when it’s done. Doing this should help teach you that positive results are not rewarded. Tips on this can be seen in the video below:

Try the “growl” class

If you can’t stop it, one option is to take advantage of a growl class where dogs are taught to behave better around other dogs.

take it to a veterinarian or dog behaviorist

If it suddenly starts to become aggressive around them, it may be a sign that it is injured and it is getting rid of frustration to other dogs. In this case, it is likely that you have started to behave abnormally in any other way, and the best option is to take it to the vet. If Rottweiler can’t behave better around other dogs, it’s best to get help from professional dog trainers and actionists. In doing so, you can see why you’re doing it and how to train it to stop it safely.

Things to consider

Use positive reinforcement training

It can make things worse, so it helps to avoid punishing your rottweiler for inappropriate behavior unless necessary. Instead, it helps to focus on enhancing good behavior by rewarding them with positive reinforcement training.

They patient

It is important to be patient when training Rottweiler. It’s unlikely that a single training session will always be a good one. But if you train consistently, you can behave much better in the weeks or months.

Don’t reinforce bad behavior

It also helps you avoid rewarding when you’re not doing well. If it gives you what you want when it’s naughty, it might encourage you to do it more.


When interacting with your Rottweiler, it helps to settle down. Rottweiler is very sensitive to the owner’s emotions and being very emotional around it can cause even worse behavior.

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