Why does my Labrador stare at me?

If your Labrador is staring at you frequently, this article will show you why it might be doing it and what you can do about it.Why does my Labrador stare at me? The conceivable reason is that it does it for attention, it wants something from you, it loves you, it does it, it is waiting to do something or you need to go out. There are a lot of reasons why it might stare at you, and it could be the result of a combination of reasons. But there are a few things you can do about it.

Why Your Labrador Star

Here are some of the reasons why your Labradors are staring at you and why they are more likely to be the reasons.

For attention

The reason why it does it may be because it is trying to attract attention from you. This is more likely if you do more when you don’t pay too much attention, and often pay special attention when you do it. Instead, if you want to stop it unless it looks like you’re doing it for another reason, it will help you avoid being careful and rewarding. Training, exercise, and playing together can also help you pay attention throughout the day.

to get something

Maybe that’s why you want to get something from you. This is usually more likely when you tend to stare at a particular time, such as when you feed or walk.


A 2015 study found that when people and their dogs look into each other’s eyes, oxytocin levels ( hormones that promote social bonding ) increase in both. This may be the reason why your Labrador has a habit of staring at you. But staring into the dog’s eyes, so if your Labrador has signs of aggression, don’t stare and be recognized as an act of aggression and it may become defensive.


It may be doing it aggressively. This is also more likely to show signs of other aggression, such as growing and showing teeth and standing harder.

It went wrong.

Cause you may have done something that you know you are not satisfied with, and it is waiting to see your reaction. If you usually punish your Labrador in this situation, you should consider changing your approach to something focused on enhancing positive behavior.

it’s poo

Dogs will often stare when they are pooing because they are in a vulnerable position and want to see that you are looking for it.

it has to pee

Maybe the reason it stares is because it needs to pee. This is likely to be the cause if you haven’t been peeing for a while, and if you do it near the door leading to the garden.

Waiting for command

Cause you may be waiting to tell you to do something about it. This is much more likely to be the reason if you look at a situation that you have trained to do in the past.

How to stop staring at a Labrador

Below are some options you have if you want to stop labradors staring at you.

They ignore

If your Labrador seems to be turning attention to convince you to give you something of food, one option is to ignore it and be rewarded for it when it’s done. Doing so doesn’t work to pay attention, but it should teach you how to do it. When you ignore it, the best thing is not to interact with it at all, even in a negative way. It is also important to note that ignoring is not necessary for a long time.

Give attention and exercise

It also helps you pay attention throughout the day so that you don’t feel the need to get your attention using training, exercise, and it. If you are currently not exercising too much and are healthy, it is also important to make sure that you get exercise every day.

Get help from dog activists

If you can’t understand why you’re doing it or can’t stop it, it will help you get help from dog behaviorists. In doing so, you can see what is causing it and how it is trained to stop it.

Things to consider

Below are some things you can consider about your Labrador staring at you.

that’s not necessarily a bad thing

It is not uncommon for dogs to stare at their owners. It might just be that you want to get something like attention, direction, or exercise.

when it first started it

It also helps you consider what changed when you first started. If it starts it suddenly, it could be due to a sudden change in its daily routine, such as whether you started feeding it at different times especially if you started staring when you normally feed it.

When it’s more

It also helps to consider whether there is a specific time when the timing tends to do more because it is likely to have something to do with it. For example, if you usually stare when you walk, you might be waiting for a walk.

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