Why does my Labrador sleep on its back?

It may seem strange when your Labrador sleeps on your back, but there are several reasons why it can do it. This post will help you understand why. So why does your Labrador sleep on your back? There are many reasons why your Labrador might choose to sleep on your back. Possible reasons include trying to cool down, submitting, being more comfortable, feeling safe. When your Labrador decides to sleep on your back for some reason, it can actually be a good sign.

Why Your Labrador Sleeps On Your Back

Below are some reasons why your Labrador might choose to sleep on your back.

It’s cooler

The reason your Labrador does it is that it’s cool. It’s more likely if you do more when the inside is hot. The underside of its belly has less fur there, so by sleeping on its back, more air can reach less insulated parts of its body. If this seems to be the cause, take some steps to ensure that the Labrador remains calm. You can do this by making sure it has many shading areas to go, lots of access to water, you can groom it more often and you can lower the air conditioning temperature if possible.


The reason your Labrador does it, it could be submissive. When a dog challenges each other, it is a more vulnerable position that shows the other dog that it is controlled, so the submissive oneoften often goes back. If your Labrador is sleeping on your back with you, it may have told you to submit.

it’s more comfortable

Another conceivable reason to choose to sleep on the back is that it is simply more comfortable. Thick fur may feel better when you touch the floor and sleep. When you sleep on your back, you can have muscles in a more relaxed state than the front where the muscles remain tense, and take action as needed.

I feel it’s safe.

The reason why it does it may be because it feels safe. Wild dogs are rarely seen sleeping on their backs because they are primarily vulnerable. Also, if something happens, it will take time to be able to react to it. If your Labrador is sleeping on its back, it indicates that you are not worried that something is happening and that it feels well protected.

Other positions

There are some other sleep positions where your Labrador might decide to sleep in that you are interested in. Here’s why your Labrador might prefer to sleep that way.

on that side

If your Labrador often sleeps on that side, it also indicates that your Labrador feels pretty safe around you. Sleeping on that side is not more vulnerable than the back, but it becomes more difficult to act if necessary, leaving important organs exposed. They may prefer this position because they allow them to keep their arms and legs in a more relaxed position that will help them feel more comfortable.

on the front of it

Labradors are common to sleep in front of. The reason is that they are the most vigilant way to sleep. If something happens, they are already in a position to take action immediately. Most dogs sleep in a natural way, so don’t be discouraged if the Labrador chooses to sleep like this.


Another way your Labrador chooses to sleep is round in the form of a ball. Such sleep can stay more insulated, which is why it is many reasons in the cold months. You may also like to sleep like this because it is the most comfortable position in the place where you like to sleep.

With you.

If your Labrador chooses to sleep with you, they are warmer than you, but more likely for protection, so it is unlikely that it is due to warmth. Sleeping in groups means they are less likely to be attacked by predators during their sleep and they can fend it off more easily.

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