Why does my Labrador puppy cry so much?

If your Labrador puppy is crying a lot, you’ll probably be wondering what you can do about it. This article shows why labradors are doing and what they can do to stop them. So why does my Labrador puppy cry so much? It is important to think that it is not uncommon for them to cry a lot. But other possible causes include disease, fear, attention, hunger, boredom and excitement.Your Labrador puppy might be doing it for several reasons, and it may be due to a combination of reasons. However, there are a few things you can consider when trying to figure out the exact reason. There are many ways to do this.

Why Your Labrador Puppy Cries So Much

Here are some of the reasons why it might be doing it and why they are likely to be the main reasons.


The reason may be that something is causing fear. Labrador puppies may go through horrible stages that are not uncommon, or if there is something in the environment and you cry more at certain times, you may be more likely.

it wants to pay attention

You may also do it to get more attention from you. This is more likely to be done if you haven’t paid attention for a while or tend to pay special attention when you do it. It helps to give your Labrador attention by playing with it and training it. But unless you seem to be doing it for reasons such as wanting to pee, crying helps to avoid rewarding.


Ill may also be the reason you’re doing it. This would be more likely if it suddenly started it and it shows other signs of the disease. In this case, the best option would be to take it to the vet.

it’s hungry

The cause is also the possibility that it is hungry. It’s more likely if you cry when you haven’t eaten for a while and stop crying when you do.


The cause could be boring. This makes it easier to cry when you’re not doing anything, and is usually more likely to cry when you do something at the time. Labradors are very active dogs and generally recommend getting at least an hour’s exercise a day as a healthy adult. If your Labrador isn’t exercising too much, it will help you make sure you do. However, Labrador puppies should not get too much exercise because their joints are still developed. In general, it is recommended to give labrador puppies five minutes of exercise each month of age. So a two-month-old puppy should exercise about ten minutes every day. (Source: Here and here) the other way you can reduce that boredom is to spend time training it, play with it, or give it a toy to play with.


Sometimes the dog appears to be crying when it is actually excited. This is likely to be the reason your Labrador does it if you cry more in situations such as when you get home or when you’re playing with it.


It’s not uncommon for labrador puppies to cry a lot. Sometimes they will cry without an obvious cause. As you get older, you’re more likely to cry. But if it is constantly crying, it will help to take it to the vet to eliminate illness and injury.

Things to consider

The difference between crying

Timing can be relevant, so it can help you consider whether there’s anything different when you cry. If you only seem to cry at a certain time, you’re more likely to be caused by fear, boredom, excitement, wanting to pay attention, and hunger. If it seems to cry at random times, it’s more likely to be sick or injured if it does it naturally or if it suddenly starts crying a lot.

When I started crying

It can also help you consider what happened when you first started, because the event may have occurred. If you suddenly start crying, you’re more likely to get something going on, whether it’s a disease, an injury, learning to get paid, or something terrible happening.

How to stop a Labrador puppy from crying all the time

Below are a few things you can do about your Labrador puppy crying a lot.

Avoid negative reinforcement

As mentioned earlier, you may be encouraged to cry by giving it when you do it. If you don’t seem to be sick or need to pee, you’ll be rewarded when you’re well-served, but crying can help you avoid being rewarded.

take it to the vet

If you don’t know why you were doing it or suddenly started it, it will help you take you to the vet for a checkup. In doing so, you should be able to get professional advice tailored to your particular Labrador puppy and eliminate illness and injuries as a cause.

make sure that the meal is correct

If it doesn’t get the nutrients it needs for that diet, it could cause your Labrador puppy to cry. To make your Labrador cry and make it as healthy as possible, it is important to make sure that you are eating it correctly. It will also help you consult your vet on that diet and make sure no one else supplies it.

avoid punishment

It also helps to avoid crying and punishment because you may not know why you are being punished. Instead, make sure that something like a diet problem doesn’t cause it and helps to give it positive strengthening training.

give something that is distracted, such as a biting toy

In addition to the above, you can give them something that you are distracted by, such as a biting toy or puzzle game, so that you don’t feel the need to cry.

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