Why does my Labrador howl at sirens and thunder?

If your Labrador is howling with sirens or lightning, you might want to know why and what you can do about it. This article shows why they do it and the general reasons for what you can do about them.So why does my Labrador bark with lightning? The possible reason is that it is due to its ancestors and that communicating with other dogs is done naturally or causes a fight or flight response. Your Labrador might do it for many reasons and it could be due to a combination of them. However, there are many things you can consider when understanding the exact reasons, and there are a few things you can do about it.

Why your Labrador swells with sirens and lightning

Below are some common reasons why A Labrador does it and why you are more likely to be doing it.


Why it does it may be in a gene that howls in situations where there is a loud sound. Your Labrador may do it to get it for evolutionary traits to inform other dogs of their location in the area. This is what wild wolves and dogs are known to do.


Wolves and dogs will bark to tell other members of the pack that in the wild scare other predators where it is or are entering their territory. For your Labrador, howling is to warn other dogs and pack members of the place or warn other dogs of potential danger. It can also warn others not to enter the territory.

Changes in air pressure

It may be because the Labrador can sense the change in atmospheric pressure when it hears the sound like thunder, too. This is to warn that a storm may occur along the way and you may hear low frequency noise of lightning as lightning approaches (source). If you start behaving differently before lightning arrives, this is more likely.

Sensitive hearing

Labradors have better hearing than us and they can hear trebles too. Because the siren treble is a pitch similar to the howl of other dogs, it is likely to be a howl.

it causes fights and flight responses

The pitch of sirens and the size of lightning may give your Labrador a fight or flight response and be very vigilant quickly to get ready to take action if necessary. This would be more likely if your Labrador would be equally anxious when you heard the noise.

How to stop howling with sirens and lightning

Here are some of the options you have when you want your Labrador to stop. Those combinations may work best.

Train it to associate sound with rewards

One option is to provide desensitization training, which is a place where you can get used to hearing noise. To do this, you can play with your Labrador while playing noise using your phone’s speakers in the background. Doing this helps to associate noise with positive ones.

Let me go to a quiet room.

Another option is to give access to a room where the noise is not so loud. Doing so will help reduce anxiety when you hear noise.

Reduce how you get anxious

You can also give something, distraction, or crate training that it has a safe area to go by paying attention.

Things to consider

Below are some things that you can consider when trying to figure out why your Labrador does it.

If it always barks at trebles or loud sounds

If the sound doesn’t always howling, it will help you to consider what makes a difference when you don’t do it. If it sometimes seems to be howling, it might do it because it knows that it can attract attention from you. If you do only if there is a certain noise, you are more likely to do it to communicate.

when it started

If your Labrador didn’t always howling at the sound, it would also help you think about what else has changed when you first started it. If it suddenly started it, it would be more likely because you started redoing it to do it or because other dogs started howling as well. It helps you think about what else has changed when you first started.

Be consistent

When training a Labrador, it’s important to match it. Once you train, you’re unlikely to get dramatic results. However, if you train consistently, you will get much more pronounced results in the weeks and months.

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