Why does my Labrador dig holes?

Many of the owners of Labradors have Labradors that like to dig. They will often want to know why and how to stop it. This article shows why labradors are digging up and what they can do to stop them. So why do your Labrador dig?The most likely reason is that it is in the digging nature. Digging allows their ancestors to find shelter in freezing temperatures and continue to protect their food, which is why your Labrador is likely to have a habit. There are several other possible reasons, including cooldown, entertainment, separation anxiety, getting next door. And how to get your Labrador to stop digging? There are a lot of things you can do to get labradors to stop digging. This includes giving a lot of exercise and attention, blocking areas you don’t want to dig, giving them shaded areas, giving them a lot of distractions, training them not to “train”, and getting help from dog activists. It will actually help a lot in understanding the exact reason your Labrador might be digging because it will help a lot in reducing behavior.

Why Labradors Dig

Below are a number of reasons why your Labrador might be doing it and why they are likely to be the main reason.

To get shelter.

One way dogs protect themselves from the elements is to dig holes where they can lie. That may simply be why your Labrador keeps this habit and that’s why you naturally try to dig a hole.

to protect food

Another reason the dogs were digging was to protect their food. By digging a hole in the ground, they will be able to hide food from predators. Your Labrador might be doing this instinctively.

To cool down

Another possible reason your Labrador might dig a lot is because it’s looking for a way to cool. If your Labrador digs when the outside is hot and it can’t access the shaded area, the digging may be lying in it to cool the soil below.


Labradors are intended to do a lot of exercise on a daily basis. When they’re not getting much exercise, it can cause them to look their way to be occupied and that could be why you’re digging your hole. It’s more likely if you do a lot on days when you can’t exercise.

Separation anxiety

The reason it does is that it may have some separation anxiety. This is more likely if you start digging a hole when you are about to leave, or if you start digging a hole when you are not at home.

to go next door

A Labrador can be a very adventurous dog to escape, which is one conceivable reason it is digging. This could be the reason if your Labrador digs near the fence. If your Labrador is digging near the fence, it is a very important thing for you to put the end.

How to stop digging labradors

Here are a few things you can do about your Labrador drilling hole.

give it a bargain zone

An easy way to reduce the negative effects of digging is to give the Labrador a safe zone even if you decide to dig there. To encourage you to dig there, you can loose the soil there using a child-sized sandbox and you can block out the areas you don’t want it to dig.

exercise it and pay attention

It also helps to be able to get the recommended amount of exercise every day so that you are less likely to seek your own stimuli. Generally, adult Labradors are advised to get more than an hour of exercise per day when they are healthy.

Block area

Another option you have is to discourage digging an area you don’t want it. You can do this by putting underground fences in the area or you can usually cut them off with a fence.

Give it a shaded area/ keep it cool

If your Labrador tends to dig when it’s hot outside, you’re likely to be trying to cool down. To prevent this type of bargain, you can access many shaded areas. Also, you can try grooming it more often because this allows the fur to be more bubbled to keep cool.

give a distraction

It also helps to give something distracted, as you are less likely to seek your own way to be stimulated. What you can give it would be a toy or a puzzle game.

train it

It also helps to give it positive strengthening training. When you start digging and you can’t avoid being rewarded, you can dig it up and avoid the rewards, and use it with it. It also helps to train it to come to you in command so that you can call it to you when it starts digging. You can watch the video below for more tips.

Get help

If the Labrador can’t stop digging, you can get help from dog activists and trainers. In doing so, you should be able to see why your Labrador is doing it and how to stop it.

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