Why Does My Husky Stare?

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If your husky has a habit of staring, you may be wondering why you do it. This post gives husky many reasons to stare and it’ll give you some of the things you can do about it. So why do your huskies stare? There are many reasons why your husky might have a habit of staring. One of the most likely reasons is that you want food, toys, and things to get out of, for example. Other reasons include paying attention, waiting for instructions, confusion, fear, aggression, or simply inappropriate behavior. And what should you do about it? If you want to stop staring, you can’t ignore it when you’re staring, try rewarding even if it’s not staring, exercise all day and pay attention, and get rewarded when you get help from a staring dog actionist.Figuring out exactly why your husky is staring can actually be very difficult. But it’s important to consider why it happened and figure out if there’s anything wrong with the husky.

Why Your Husky Star

There are a couple of things I might stare at your husky to mention below.


Huskies were bred to pull sleds for hours at sub-zero temperatures every day. In that case, it will take a lot of time to continue to be properly stimulated. If your husky isn’t getting enough attention or exercise for its taste, stare may be because you want attention from you. If you think this may be the cause, you need to make sure you give it a lot of exercise and pay attention to it throughout the day.

to get something

The likely cause of why it has a staring habit is that it is hungry or you are eating, and that is that you want to give it what it wants. This tactic is commonly used by dogs and you may have learned that if you went into a cave and gave it when it looked past, you can get what it wants in doing so. To fix this, you can ignore it when you stare and try to be rewarding when it usually didn’t stare at you when you didn’t stare.


Your husky is afraid that it will be punished for something, so it’s possible that you’re looking at you so you can predict your behavior. To prevent this, you should avoid punishing your husky and try to reward you for good behavior instead.


A 2015 study found that when people and their dogs look into each other’s eyes, oxytocin levels ( hormones that promote social bonding ) increase in both. This could be why your huskies have a habit of staring at you. However, stare at the dog’s eyes can be perceived as an act of aggression and become defensive, so don’t stare if your dog has signs of aggression.


One of the reasons for staring is due to aggression. If your husky shows other signs of aggression such as growl, disobedience, bite, stare could be a sign that you are feeling aggressive at that moment. This is especially true for two dogs that stare at each other because this usually happens when they are going to fight.


Staring at you when you’re trying to get what you want, you can stare because you know when you’re actually waiting. For example, if you usually walk a husky at a certain time, it might be staring because you know that you are usually walking and waiting for that walk.

It went wrong.

Staring at it may be because it behaves inappropriately and is waiting to see how you react to it. If you punish the Huskies normally in this situation, you should consider changing to a focused approach to strengthening positive behavior.

it’s poo

If your husky is staring at you when you poop, you want to see that you’re looking for it. When dogs poop, they are in vulnerable positions where other predators might try to take advantage. This is why you want to see if you are watching it.

it has to pee

The reason for the stare is that you need to pee and you want them to be let out.

Waiting for command

If you gave the Husky a lot of training, staring at it might be because you’re waiting to tell them to do something. You may also be giving conflicting commands and being confused about what you want.

How to stop staring at your husky

If you want to get your husky to stop staring, there are a couple of things you can try.

They ignore

If the cause of your husky stare is because you want to get something from you, you should pay attention when you stop ignoring it. By doing this, you will be able to teach you that it will not work to pay attention, but it will work. When you ignore it, the best thing is not to interact with it at all, even in a negative way. It is also important to note that ignoring is not necessary for a long time.

They give no reward for staring

One more thing, you need to avoid giving food when you stare. By giving it food when it stares, you will encourage you to strengthen the action and continue it.

Give attention and exercise

Another effective thing is to give a lot of exercise, attention and training. By doing so, you can continue to properly stimulate your husky and reduce the action sought for its attention.

Get help from dog activists

If you’re worried about how your husky is staring at a lot, you should consider getting help from certified animal behaviorists. In doing so, you can get help and advice tailored to your particular husky.

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