Why Does My Husky Sit On Me? (And How To Stop It)

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If your husky is sitting on you for no apparent reason, you’ll probably be wondering why you can do something to stop it. This article will give you why your husky might be doing it and what you can do to stop it. So why is your husky sitting on you? There are many reasons why your husky might be sitting on you. The general reason is to seek attention, assert domination, and spread its scent so that no other dog will take you from it. And how should it be stopped? There are many ways to stop a husky from sitting down. Some effective strategies involve giving you more exercise so that you are less likely to ask attention, don’t pay attention when it tries to sit on you, and give more training so that you know where it can and can’t.It may be a little difficult to understand why your husky is sitting on you, and the best way to stop it depends on why you’re doing it.

Why Your Husky Sits On You

There are many reasons to mention:


Husky is a breed to run for hours at sub-zero temperatures every day, so it’s not surprising that it takes a lot of time to properly stimulate them. If your husky doesn’t do a lot of exercise, the reason your husky is sitting on you is because you’re trying to get attention from you. If this is true, the most effective thing is to make sure you give plenty of exercise every day if possible.


Huskies are a pack breed and one of the ways they claim each other’s superiority is to raise their elevation over the rest of the pack. If your husky is going to claim an advantage over you, it might be you sitting or lying in a higher position than you do. This is something that needs to be prevented from happening to keep you looking as a leader that helps your husky to gain control.

it’s hyper

Another reason that it might be sitting on you is that if your husky doesn’t exercise enough, it is not properly stimulated and wants to give you exercise by sitting down. This could be the cause if your husky does other things, such as causing destruction or removing composure.

you’re in that place

The place you choose to sit is also the place where your husky likes to sit, and your husky may be trying to get you out of there. If you are often sitting or lying in the same place where you normally sit, this may be the case. In this case, it is important to tell the husky that you are in charge. You can do this by spending a lot of time to train it, especially by training it to sit in a specific place.

Spread scent

Your husky may be trying to spread its scent to you so that other dogs can smell it. This is how you say you belong to it, as other dogs steer you. To prevent this, you need to sit in a certain place and spend time training it to discourage you from sitting by ignoring it when it is done and doing it when it is not.

know it gets what it wants

You may have noticed that your husky will cause you to sit on top of you and get what it wants. It may be that you are looking to get a reaction from some food or something else. To discourage this, it is important to avoid sit ing and associating rewards with you.

Separation anxiety

Your husky has some degree of separation anxiety and the cause of sitting on you is that you don’t want to leave. In this case, you will become anxious as you prepare to leave, and you will find that you may take destructive action when you are gone. In this case, you should consider getting help from a local dog activist who specializes in such issues.

How to stop your husky from sitting on you

There are a lot of things you can do to stop your husky from sitting on you. The best approach is to apply a combination of them.

They ignore

If you’re sitting on you because your husky is looking for attention, the best way to stop it is to leave and ignore it completely if it is often the case. This means you should get rid of it, wait for it to settle down, reward for behavior, and sit down. If you want to sit down again, repeat the process.

They look away

Another option you have is to give your husky something else to be occupied. You can do this by giving it a lot of toys to play with.

They pay attention

One way to stop your husky from asking attention from you is to pay attention when it’s not sitting on you. By doing this, you don’t have to do the thing sat on you to get your attention because it will get enough of it anyway.

exercise it

It is important to give the husky a lot of exercise. When you stop hyperactivity, they will start behaving inappropriately and do things like sit on you. If you don’t have time to exercise your husky, you can consider hiring a dog walker to do it for you.

don’t train it

You can also train your husky not to sit on you by teaching you to stay on the floor when you are sitting. You can do this by teaching you to sit or lie down and gradually stay there for longer and longer periods. You can see in the video below how it is done.

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How do I get my husky to stop jumping? To make sure your husky stops jumping on you, you will want to give a lot of exercise and teach it. You can’t teach it by teaching you to stay when you’re moving and giving it a distraction. To do this, sit down and do it again to seduce it and reward it for doing it, but this time let’s wait a few seconds longer. You can then build in many iterations to maintain a longer period of time.

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