Why Does My Husky Puppy Bite At Me?

Husky Bite
If your husky puppy was biting you, this article will show you why it might be doing it and many reasons for what you can do to stop it. So why does my husky puppy bite me? Husky puppies, of course, will go through the bite phase when they are young. This is because they explore the world with their mouths, teeth ing and chewing to soothing their gums. There are plenty of reasons why your Husky puppy might have been doing it, and there are many things you can consider to help you understand exactly why. If you have a good idea of the cause, it will be much easier to get it to stop.

Why Your Husky Puppy Bites You

Each of the different reasons it is done probably comes with a number of clues. Here are some of the reasons why it might bite you and why you are more likely to bite them.

They have teeth

The reason it is biting you, it may be teething. This would be more likely if others are starting to bite too. This will help you chew a lot of toys and bones. It also helps you notice when you’re about to start biting, redirect that attention, and do a lot of “leave it” training.

you’ve been encouraging it

Might be if you inadvertently trained it to bite you. It’s more likely if you tend to give you what you want, such as more attention, sweets, toys, etc. In this case, you will have learned that biting you will get what it wants. Don’t give it what you want when you do it, but be aware when you’re trying to do it and redirect that attention or stop paying attention if you bite.


It’s not uncommon for huskies to bite or jump up a lot as puppies. It’s unlikely your husky is doing it because it’s not a good dog to go. However, it is important to still do a lot of training to make it easier to learn and control when you get older. Here’s how.

It’s exploring.

If huskies are puppies, they naturally explore the world with their mouths from a very young age. The reason your husky is doing it is likely that it is naturally exploring you with its mouth and nose.

How to get your husky puppy to stop biting you

If you want to get your husky puppy to stop you biting you, there are a number of things you can do, and I’ll mention those numbers below. Those combinations may work.

Try positive strengthening training

Positive enhancement training is where you get your husky to do what you want, by rewarding when you see the action you want to see. To stop chewing using positive strengthening training, do the following: When you start paying positive attention, turn your back and hide your hands and stop paying attention when you start biting, stop paying attention when you start biting.

redirect that attention

Another option you have is to redirect that attention when it is going to bite. By redirecting its focus, it helps to break it from the biting habit.

avoid biting negativity

As mentioned earlier, by rewarding, you may be training more bites. Instead of giving it what you want when doing it, use positive reinforcement training and try to redirect the focus when you’re trying to bite.

give it to bite

In addition to the above, you can also give a lot of things to bite so that you don’t feel the need to chew what you don’t want it. You can do this by giving toys, chewing, bones.

Don’t physically punish it or yell at it

Punishing it for biting you may be tempting, but it is not recommended. That’s because you don’t know why you punish it, and it can lead to resentment from your husky.

Things to consider

Below you can consider a few things that will help you understand why your husky is doing it.

It’s important to stop chewing now.

It’s not uncommon for huskies to bite when you’re young, but it’s important to train them not to bite now. If you don’t, it may not learn not to bite and it will be much more difficult to control when it’s old.

It is normal to chew when you are young.

If you’re worried that your husky puppy bite isn’t normal, don’t. Most huskies will go through the bite phase. However, as mentioned earlier, it is still important to train not to bite now, not to do it when old.

Be consistent

When training your husky puppy to bite you, it is important to match the training. You may not see results in just one training session, but if you are consistent, you can see better results over days or weeks.

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