Why does my husky pee when I pet it?

Puppy Siberian Husky
If your husky pees when you pet it, you might want to know why and what you can do about it. This post shows why it can be done and what it can do to stop it. So, why do I pee my husky when I pet it? Adults are more likely to be caused by illness, fear, and pee ing enough often not to let out. In fact, there are several reasons to pee when you have a pet. However, there are also a few considerations that can help you understand the exact reason.

Why Your Husky Pees When You Pet It

Below are a number of reasons why your husky might be doing it and why they are more likely.

it’s still young

The reason it does is that it is young and still has no complete control over the bladder. If your husky is below the age of 12 months, it’s likely to quit it as you get older. However, training to pee outside while young and help to take out whenever you want to pee to learn to pee outside.

it has a disease

Your husky usually doesn’t pee when you pet it, but if it suddenly starts it, it could be due to illness. This is more likely if you are behaving differently and showing other signs of having diseases such as fatigue, vomiting and diarrhea. If it looks like a disease, the best option is to take it to the vet.

it’s not learning

If you have never trained a husky to pee outside and don’t even pet it, you are more likely to need to train to learn to get out when you need to pee. In this case, it is important to start training to pee outside.


Your husky may be doing what is known as submissive pee ing to pee for the dog to be obedient. This would be more likely if your husky also shows submissive signs such as hiding its tail. In this case, it avoids punishing it when peeing inside, rewarding it when it pees in the right place, patting it under the chin instead of the head and helping you come instead.

You inadvertently rewarded the action.

It might be if you accidentally trained it to pee inside by giving it what you want when you do it. If you tend to give your husky stuff such as extra attention, toys or sweets when you do it, your husky may have learned that it’s okay to pee when you pet it because it gets rewarded. Instead, follow the tips below to help you avoid the rewards when peeing when you have a pet.

it is not allowed to pee often enough

If the husky always pees and doesn’t pee, but can’t get out for a while, you’re more likely to have to go out to pee more often.

Things to consider

Below are some things to consider when trying to understand why your husky is peeing when you pet it.

consider when to do it

Timing may be relevant, so it will help your husky to consider when to do it. If you tend to do it more when it couldn’t get out for a while, it’s more likely because it can no longer hold it. On the other hand, if you approach boldly and tend to do it, you are more likely to have done it obediently.

think how old you are

It also helps to consider its age. If it’s still a puppy, it still can’t control the bladder, but it’s much more likely to be doing it because it starts to get less of it as it gets older. But the next time you take it for a checkup with a vet, it helps to make sure there is nothing wrong. On the other hand, adults are more likely to be caused by the disease, especially if they start suddenly. But it may also be due to some of the other things mentioned above.

Think about when you started.

It also helps to consider when it first started. If you start suddenly, you’re more likely to be sick, be rewarded for doing it once, or something start to feel afraid. It helps you think about what else has changed when you first started.

How to get your husky to stop peeing when you pet it

Below are some options you have when you get your husky to stop peeing when you pet it.

take it to the vet

If you don’t know why your husky is peeing when you pet it, it’s best to take it to the vet if your husky suddenly started it or shows signs of illness. By doing so, you can eliminate the possibility of disease and get expert advice tailored to a particular husky.

often let it out to pee

If your husky now has to wait a long time before you can get out to pee, it will help you start trying to pee more often. If you don’t pee often, you’re much more likely to pee in it.

train it to learn to get out

It also helps to train your husky to learn to get out whenever you need to pee. One way to do this is to wait outside until it pees and then reward it with that. You can see here for more information on how to train your husky to pee outside.

Don’t reinforce your behavior

As mentioned above, it may be rewarding to strengthen your behavior. Instead, it will help you train it to wait to get out as above, rewarding it when you don’t pee when you pet it.

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