Why Does My Husky Move Its Ears Back?

If your husky often moves your ears back, you may wonder why. In this post, you’ll learn why you’re doing it and how to figure out exactly what’s going on. So why does my husky move his ears back? The possible reason is that it is excited, obedient, or warned. There are several reasons why your husky moves your ears back. Fortunately, there are a few things you can think of as a great help in understanding the exact reason.

Why your husky moves your ears back

Each of the different reasons your husky moves your ears back probably comes with some clues on how to do it. Below are some reasons why it might have done it and why they are more likely.


The reason your husky moves your ears back may be because it shows excitement. It’s more likely if you’re showing other signs of excitement, such as shaking the tail. You’re also more likely to do something exciting, such as going home or going for a walk.


The reason your husky moves the ear back may be because it is obedient. This is more likely if you do it in situations that may be as obedient as you’ve found, when a big dog is around or only when it’s just doing things you don’t have. It’s also more likely to show other submission signs, such as hiding the tail or rolling your back.

it’s warning you

It might do it because it warns you to stay away from it. This would be more likely if you do it in situations such as when it is eating or when you are defending something that seems to belong to it like a spot on the couch. It is also more likely to show other signs of aggression, such as showing teeth or growling by stiffening the legs. In this case, it is important to give a lot of training to learn how it means to behave. If you think it could be offensive, it’s best to seek the help of a certified dog behaviorist or trainer in your area.

Consider what other body language signs are showing

Trying to understand why your husky moves your ears back will help you consider the other body language signs it shows. A single body language symbol alone usually has more than one possible meaning. But if there are multiple signs suggesting the same thing, they are more likely to be there for that reason.


Eyes will tell you a lot about husky mood. Generally, the wide open eyes, which can see many whites around the outside with extended pupils, are signs of aggression, fear and stress. On the other hand, squinting is generally a sign of a relaxed feeling.


When the husky feels relaxed, it will usually be panting with your tongue open open. If it is feeling fear, you will drool a lot when you are overly panting or have a closed mouth or have no reason. On the other hand, if you pull up your front lip and show your teeth, it usually becomes a sign of aggression. However, if you shake your tail, squint your ears and flatten it, it will be a more submissive sign if you show your front teeth.


When you’re excited, it usually shakes its tail and often raises it as well. On the other hand, hiding the tail between the legs usually becomes a sign of fear or obedience.


If that hair seems to go up, it usually becomes a sign of agitation or excitement. However, raised hair can also indicate that it feels aggressive especially if it shows other signs of aggression.


It is common for dogs to pant to keep themselves calm. However, if your mouth is too tight and your pants are overly put on, it can be a sign that you are feeling stressed.

Think about when to put your ears back

It also helps you think about what else is going on and when your husky will move your ears back. For example, if you return your ears when you get home and try to shake your tail and lick it, you’re much more likely to be excited. On the other hand, when you are eating, you are much more likely to have done it because you are a resource guard and warned you to stay away from it if you are unheard of.

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