Why does my Golden Retriever attack other dogs?

Golden retriever
If your Golden Retriever is aggressive against other dogs, it will make you want to stop as soon as possible. This post will help you understand why the Golden Retriever does it and how to stop it.So why is my Golden Retriever aggressive against other dogs? Possible reasons include lack of exposure to other dogs, domination, overly enthusiastic play, that it is protected or that other dogs have abused it before. There are a lot of reasons why your golden retriever might be aggressive against them, and that may be a combination of different reasons. However, there are a few things you can consider when trying to figure out the exact reason. There are also a few things you can do about it.

Why Your Golden Retriever is aggressive with other dogs

Here are some possible reasons why it does it and what makes them more likely.

Lack of exposure to other dogs

One reason may not even be so much for other dogs as puppies. If golden retrievers are puppies, they will usually interact with their trash on a daily basis. This allows them to learn that other dogs do not attack them, they are friends and it also teaches you how to control their bites.


You might also do it because your golden retriever is more likely dominant if you do it more when it is with a small dog. Signs that this may be the reason include displaying other dominant behaviors, such as the Golden Retriever trying to place itself higher than itself or not responding to commands (but also a lack of training).

overly enthusiastic play

It may not actually attack other dogs. Rather, it may be playing with them in an overly enthusiastic way. When this happens, it can be aggressive, such as the dog biting or growling. Either way, this is still something you will try to stop.

Protecting territory or owner

You might also do it because other people are protected around which they are more likely to be aggressive.

How to stop your Golden Retriever from becoming aggressive

It may be hard to stop dog aggression when it starts, but I’ll mention below.

Teach your dog to actively associate reward other dogs

One option is to train to take advantage of positive related training and have a positive association with other dogs. This is where you reward your Golden Retriever when other dogs are around and it is causing you to have positive feelings that it can be around other dogs. One way to do this is to try out the “open bar” technique that will give you a golden retriever positive attention and treat when you see other dogs on a walk. When other dogs go away, positive attention and treatment should stop. You also need to stop when you start to be aggressive. A treat should also be a special treat you give to your Golden Retriever only when other dogs are around. You can also try “shaping”, a place that rewards your Golden Retriever for making small steps towards what you’re doing. You’ll start by rewarding it for not reacting when you see another dog and you’ll gradually build it rewarding playing with other dogs. When you’re doing this, you’ll want to reward your Golden Retriever before you have the opportunity to be aggressive, so try not to make a big jump on what you ask for it. For example, if you start by rewarding something that’s going far away, don’t close the gap between you and the other dogs too quickly. Instead, go slowly so that the Golden Retriever can make small steps without getting worse. There’s only one golden retriever, so it might be difficult if you can get your friends to help you with your dog. Tips on this can be seen in the video below:

Try the “growl” class

Another option is to take it to a growl class where the dog is trained to be less aggressive around the other dog.

take it to a veterinarian or dog behaviorist

If you can’t stop it, there is one option to get help from a professional dog trainer or activist. In doing so, you should be able to see why you are doing it and how to stop it.

Things to consider

It helps to avoid punishing it when acting improperly. The reason is that I don’t know why i can be punished, aggressive, and develop feelings of anger. Instead, it will help you to give positive reinforcement training to learn how to behave. It is also a good idea to stay calm so that you can focus on triggering your dog’s aggression. By becoming anxious, you strengthen your instinct to pay attention to other dogs. It is also important to avoid strengthening bad behavior. To do this, prevent dog aggression as soon as possible by diverting attention to something else. This can be done in other training exercises, using body blocks to move away from your Golden Retriever. Patiently. It’s hard to believe that a single workout will give you a big improvement. But if you train consistently, you should be able to get much better results in the weeks and months.

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