Why does my dog sleep when I’m gone?

Golden retriever
If your dog sleeps a lot when you are away, this post will show you the most likely reason it was doing it. So why does my dog sleep when I’m gone? The most likely reason is that it is natural for a dog to sleep a lot every day, and a good time to sleep is when nothing else is happening. There are many reasons why you might sleep when you are away, and it may be due to a combination of reasons. However, there are a few things you can consider when you come up with the most likely reasons.

Why your dog sleeps when you are away

Below are some common reasons why dogs do it and the main reason your dog is doing it is more likely.

I’m tired from exercise.

The cause may be that you are tired because of the exercise. It tends to get sleep after exercise, and it’s more likely if you don’t sleep that much if you haven’t exercised yet while you’re away. For healthy dogs, it is generally a good thing to exercise, so it is best to keep exercising and not to exercise too often.


Dogs sleep a lot naturally and sleep 12-14 hours a day on average. The reason your dog sleeps is likely not because it is something that does it naturally while you are away and is not from something wrong. This is likely to be the reason if you wake up and show no signs of illness or injury, if you are not tired when waking up, and if not, if it works properly. If you don’t start it all of a sudden, it’s more likely.


It may be that you choose to sleep when you are away because you want to have energy when you are around. This would be more likely if you tend to be more lively when you’re at home. This will help you to make sure you can get exercise because you may have extra energy because you need more.

I’m tired after eating.

It might be a cause that it is tired because it has just eaten. This is more likely if you tend to feed it before you leave and don’t sleep when you don’t feed it.

Separation anxiety

Another possible cause is that it has some separation anxiety. But if you start to feel uneasy when you leave the house, it may still be so.

Things to consider

Below are some things to consider when figuring out why your dog is doing it.

How old is it?

It will help you consider the age of your dog because that age most likely affects the cause. Puppies and older dogs are more likely to sleep when they are away because they naturally need to get more sleep. With all the energy they are growing rapidly, puppies can need as much as 20 hours of sleep per day. Older dogs also need more sleep because they need more energy to move around. If you’re an adult, you’ll sleep a lot naturally, so you’re more likely to do so yet. However, one of the other reasons listed above may be due, so it helps to consider whether other methods work abnormally.

If you always sleep when you are away

It also helps you think about whether you always sleep while you are away, or if you only sleep at times. If it does only sometimes, the timing is more likely to be relevant. For example, if you do it only when you are already exercising, you may do so because you are tired after exercise.

it’s likely to be normal

Dogs sleep a lot, so it’s a natural behavior, so they are more likely to sleep while they are away. However, if it suddenly started it or is behaving abnormally in other ways, getting the advice of a veterinarian or dog behaviorist tailored to a particular dog will help eliminate more serious causes.

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