Why does my dog sleep between my legs?

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If you have a dog sleeping between your legs, you may wonder why and what you can do about it. This post will show you why your dog might sleep between your legs and what you should do about it. So why does my dog sleep between my legs? The conceivable reason is that it is protected and has separation anxiety, making it feel more secure, or accidentally trained to do so.In fact, there are a couple of nuances you can consider when trying to figure out why your dog does it. It may also be a combination of the following reasons:

Why Your Dog Sleeps Between Your Legs

Each of the different reasons your dog sleeps between your legs probably comes with a number of clues. Below you will mention a number of reasons why your dog might be doing it and why they are more likely.

it’s protected

The reason it sleeps between your legs is that it may be protected. This is more likely if you do more if you are overly protected when others are around, and when other people or dogs are around.


Most breeds were bred to be around their owners in most cases. The reason your dog sleeps between your legs may make it feel safer. This means that it knows when you leave and you will not feel vulnerable when it is asleep.

Separation anxiety

Your dog may have some separation anxiety. This is a place where you don’t like to be left alone. When you are trying to walk away with pacing or crying, you are more likely to feel uneasy.


The reason for sleeping between the legs may be because they are afraid of something. This would be more likely if there were fireworks or loud noises outside if you do it in situations where someone might be horrified, such as when someone doesn’t like it.

you were accidentally trained to do so

You might be training incorrectly to go between your legs. This is likely to be the reason if you tend to give what it wants, such as belly rubs. If your dog doesn’t want to sleep between your legs, it will help you train to sleep somewhere else and avoid rewarding when trying to sleep between your feet.

it’s affectionate

It might be only if you do it because it is affectionate. Going between your legs may indicate that you believe it to you to be part of that tribe and that you trust you.

Things to consider

The following will mention some particularly useful things to consider when trying to understand why your dog does it. Once you have a better understanding of the cause, it is easier to take the appropriate action.

When I started sleeping between my legs

It could have been an event that caused it, so it can help you think about when you started it. What might have happened may include: you’ve moved the house and when you’ve moved the house, it’s always more likely to do it because if you’re sleeping between your legs, it makes you feel more comfortable or safe.

If you always sleep between your legs

If your dog doesn’t always sleep between your legs, it will help you think about what’s different when doing it. If you notice that you tend to sleep between your legs before you leave for work, it is more likely to do it for separation anxiety. On the other hand, if you notice that a particular person is doing it when you are around, it may do it for protection or fear.

How to get your dog to stop sleeping between your legs

There are a lot of things you can do about your dog sleeping between your legs. The best option for your dog largely depends on what causes you to do it. Below, I’ll mention a number of things you can do about it.

train to lie somewhere else

One option you have is to train your dog to lie somewhere else, like lying there every time you try to lie between your legs. I’m writing about how you train your dog to learn the “down” command here. Every time it tries to go between your legs, you can go down in a certain place and tell them to reward it for doing so. You can also use positive reinforcement training to get it to learn that you don’t go between your legs. Positive strengthening training is where you reward your dog for doing what you want to do. To use positive strengthening training to stop going between your legs: Remove it from under the foot that stops rewarding when entering between rewarding legs before entering between the legs, and don’t pay attention until you don’t try to get in between your legs.

give a comfortable place to sleep

Another thing you can do is to make sure it has a comfortable place where you can go to sleep. Ideally, the place will be cool, dry and not too bright.

Reduces that separation anxiety.

It helps to train it to get used to being left without you by leaving it for a longer and longer period. It is important to start by leaving it for a very short period of time so as not to get anxious and reward it because you didn’t get anxious every time you do it. It is important to leave it in a period that does not begin to become uneasy to get paid because you did not become anxious. You may have to start by not even leaving the room, but just making it look like you’re getting ready to leave.

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