Why does my dog sit on my chest?

If your dog keeps sitting on your chest, you may wonder why you can do anything about it. This post shows why it’s done and what it can do to stop it. So why is my dog sitting on my chest? The possible reasons are that you have separation anxiety, want attention and exercise, are protected, you are accidentally rewarding your actions or that it is dominant.There are actually a number of things you can consider when trying to understand why your dog is sitting on your chest. Once you have a good idea of why this is the same, it’s much easier to stop it.

Why Your Dog Sits On Your Chest

Each of the different reasons your dog is sitting on your chest probably comes with some clues. Below we will mention a number of reasons why it might have done it and why they are more likely.

Separation anxiety

The reason it sits on your chest, it may have some separation anxiety. This is a place where your dog is left alone and does not like to be left alone. This will be more likely if it is likely to be uneasy when you are about to leave. The way it might become uneasy can be by pace or crying. If it seems to have some separation anxiety, it will help you reduce it by building up to a longer one, then getting used to being away from it for a short period of time.

I want to pay attention.

The reason it does is that it may be looking for attention from you. This is more likely if you do more when you don’t pay too much attention, and if you tend to pay more attention when you do it. If you tend to pay more attention to it, tryto sit on your chest and sit somewhere else and help train you not to pay attention when it behaves inappropriately.

I want to exercise.

Dogs are generally supposed to do a lot of exercise every day. Depending on the breed, they can require about an hour of exercise per day. When they don’t get much exercise, it can cause them to develop behavioral problems. If your dog doesn’t exercise too much, it will help you to make sure you do.


The reason to try it, it may be protected. It would be more likely if it is a more protective breed like the German Shepherd. It’s also more likely that when other people are around, it tends to follow you and protect you excessively.

They reinforce

You may inadvertently reward your actions and try to learn to do more with it. This would be more likely if the way to quit it is to give sweets, toys, attention, etc. Instead of doing this, sit somewhere else and help you sit there and reward and train it to reward it when it’s done.


Wild dogs show their superiority over other dogs by placing themselves to be in a higher position. This may be the reason your dog is sitting on your chest. This is more likely if you try to place yourself in other ways to be higher than yourself, or if you don’t respond to commands as well. In this case, it’s important to do a lot of training, set yourself higher than yourself, and not respect you as an owner.

I just love it.

Maybe it’s just trying to pour love. This would be more likely if you try to rub its belly when you pet it or when you are sitting on your chest.

spread its scent

Your dog may be trying to spread its scent to you so that other dogs can smell it. This is how you say you belong to it, as other dogs steer you. To prevent this, you need to spend time on training to lie in a specific place. Then you can discourage sitting on your chest by saying whether you want to sit somewhere else or lie down.

Things to consider

Below are some particularly useful things to consider when trying to understand why your dog is sitting on your chest. Once you have a better understanding of the cause, it is easier to take the appropriate action.

When your dog starts sitting on your chest

It might be useful to think about what happened around the same time you started sitting on your chest. There may be a few things that might have happened: when you did it, you paid it off once you started to leave it alone for a long time and it started to exercise less

when it does

Timing should also be taken into account. If it usually appears to be sitting on your chest when you feed it or walk, you might be trying to get it done. On the other hand, if it always seems to do it, it is more likely due to being dominant or accidentally rewarded it.

How to stop your dog from sitting on your chest

There are a lot of things you can do about your dog sitting on your chest. The best option for your dog largely depends on what causes you to do it. Below, I’ll mention a number of things you can do about it.

train to sit or lie somewhere else

One option is to train your dog not to sit on your chest by teaching you to stay on the floor when you are sitting. You can do this by sitting or lying down when it tries to sit on your chest and gradually teach you to stay there for longer and longer periods. You can do this by applying the same techniques as in the video below.

Pay attention throughout the day

It also helps to pay attention throughout the day in the form of play, training and exercise. Doing so can reduce your chances of starting to look for attention from you.

Avoid giving negative reinforcement training

It also helps to avoid rewarding it when it sits on your chest. Instead, it will help train it and reward it when it’s not done.

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