Why does my dog sit behind me?

If your dog is sitting a lot behind you, you may wonder why and what you can do about it. This post will show you why your dog might be doing it and what you can do about them.So why is my dog sitting behind me? The conceivable reason is that it will find more comfortable there, it is protected, it feels safe there, that it has some separation anxiety or encourages accidental action. Its cause to have a good idea makes it easier to decide what to do about that.

Why Your Dog Sits Behind You

Below are some common reasons why dogs do it and are more likely to be the reason your dog is doing it.

Find a more comfortable spot

It might be if there are certain places you like to sit down because you find it comfortable there. This is more likely if your dog is always sitting in the same place when you are sitting in a certain place, but less likely if you are sitting behind you even when you are in another location

Separation anxiety

It has some separation anxiety and you may be sitting behind you as you can see when you leave. This is more likely if you tend to sit behind you around the same time you usually leave and are showing signs of anxiety when you leave.

it’s protected

You might want to do it because it is protected. It’s more likely to be in a place where you can see the entrance of the room, and if it tends to be protected around the house.

Encourage action

The reason your dog is doing it may be because it’s learned to get rewarded when it does it. If you tend to give your dog stuff such as extra attention, toys and sweets, it is more likely to do more to get more rewards when it sits behind you. Instead, it rewards you when you sit where you want it, and helps you avoid rewarding it when you don’t want it.

it feels safe there

You may also be doing it because it feels safe. It’s more likely if you have a submissive personality and tend to hide when you’re not.

I don’t want to bother with it.

Maybe that’s why you don’t want it to be bothered. This would be more likely if it didn’t always sit behind you and do more when it wants to sleep. It helps to make sure that you can sleep easily at night because if you try to sleep behind you, it may be trying to get extra sleep during the day due to sleeping problems at night.

Things to consider

Below are some things to consider when figuring out why your dog is sitting behind you.

what else happened when it first started sitting behind you

It can help you consider what happened first because the event that started may have occurred. If it suddenly started it, it could be due to the fact that it has learned to get a reward for doing it or it is usually sitting in a place that is no longer available.

What’s the difference when you’re not sitting behind?

If you’re not always sitting behind, it’s also helpful to think about what’s different when you don’t do it. For example, if you are sitting back when you are not given exercise, you might be waiting to exercise.

What to do with your dog sitting behind you

Below are some options you have when your dog stops sitting behind you.

train it to sit where you want

One option is to train your dog to sit in command using positive reinforcement training in the area where you want to sit, and you can tell it to sit down several times a day and reward it. By repeating the process, you should learn to sit in that new place and get paid.

give another comfortable place to sit

It also helps to provide a comfortable area where you can sit and lie down. The area is cool, quiet, not too bright, and there should be a comfortable lying space.

Avoid encouraging action

As mentioned earlier, you may be encouraged to sit behind you by giving it what you want when you do it. Instead, it rewards your dog when sitting elsewhere, trains you to sit somewhere else else and helps you try to redirect that focus when you’re about to sit behind.

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