Why does my dog sit at my feet?

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If your dog often sits at your feet, you might want to know why and what you can do about it. In this article, I’ll show you some possible reasons why it does it and what you can do about it.So why is my dog sitting at my feet? Possible causes are separation anxiety, want to pay attention, give you more peace of mind, enhance your behavior without realizing it or you might do it to spread its scent. There are actually more than one reason why your dog might be doing it, and it could be a combination of reasons. However, there are a number of things you can consider when trying to figure out the exact reason.

Why your dog sits at your feet

Each of the different reasons your dog is sitting at your feet probably comes with a number of clues in the way it does it. The following are the number of possible causes and make them more likely.

Separation anxiety

The reason it does is that it may have some separation anxiety. This is a place you don’t like to be alone, and the prospect of being left alone will cause it to become uneasy. This is more likely if your dog tends to sit on your feet when you are about to leave the house and become anxious when you go out. In this case, you can try to train less anxiety when you leave and when you are away. To do this, you can pick up your dog for not feeling uneasy, pick up a key that appears to be going away by doing something, such as repeating these two steps several times, and relyon on the dog without worrying about actually making more movement towards leaving by putting your hand on the door handle, Repeat the process a few times and actually open the door and get out, then some moments come back and reward your dog, repeat the above and stay out a little longer every time

Abuse in my youth

Maybe someone abused you when you were young and you don’t like to leave them alone. This is more likely to be adopted from a shelter. In this case, you may start to improve as you become more comfortable in your new environment. But it will help you talk to your veterinarian or your local dog behaviorist about it if it’s about you.

Enhance behavior

You might be trained to sit on your feet by rewarding when you do it. If you tend to do things such as getting that belly or paying extra attention when you do it, you are more likely to do more to get those rewards. Instead, it helps to know when you’re likely to start it and redirect that focus to other things.

it wants to pay attention

It may be sitting at your feet so your dog is looking for attention. This is more likely if you do more when you don’t pay too much attention or if you tend to pay more attention when you do it. Instead, it helps to pay attention throughout the day by training, exercising, and playing with it. But if you don’t want it, it will help you pay attention and avoid rewarding it when it’s sitting at your feet.

to spread its scent

That may be why you are trying to spread its scent so that other dogs are less likely to approach you. This is more likely when you tend to get protection when you are around other dogs. To prevent this, you need to sit in a certain place and spend time training it to discourage you from sitting at your feet by ignoring it when it is done and rewarding when not.

I’ll protect you.

You might want to do it because it is protected. This is a breed known to be overly protected and is more likely if others or pets tend to be overly protected around.

Think about when you first started

It will help you to consider when your dog first started it, because there may have been an event that caused your dog to start it. Here are a few things that might have happened at the same time: changes in the daily schedule and routine of someone who had died when someone moving home you started working at different times

consider when and where to do it

It also helps you to think about when and where your dog is sitting at your feet, because timing may have something to do with it. For example, if you usually tend to do it more when you leave the house, it indicates that you have some separation anxiety.

What to do with your dog sitting at your feet

Below are the number of options you have when your dog lets you quit it.

They ignore

If your dog seems to be doing it because it’s looking for attention from you, one option is to get up and leave and ignore it to learn that it won’t draw attention from you sitting at your feet. This means that you should take the dog off your feet, wait for it to settle down, tell him to sit somewhere else, behave, reward for not sitting at his feet, and sit down. If you want to sit down again, repeat the process. It also helps you recognize when you’re more likely to sit at your feet and let that focus sit elsewhere.

Avoid negative reinforcement training

As mentioned earlier, if you encourage action, you may be encouraging action by giving what you want when it does it. Instead, it will reward you when it’s done and help you try to redirect the focus before you start sitting at your feet.

They pay attention

It also helps to pay attention to it by playing all day, training it and exercising it. Doing so should help reduce the need for attention from you.

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