Why does my dog not like to cuddle?

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If your dog doesn’t like to cuddle, you might wonder why and what you can do about it. This post shows why your dog doesn’t like to cuddle and what you can do about it. So why don’t my dog like to cuddle? The possible reason is that it is sick or injured, horrible, depressed, it doesn’t like it naturally or wants more exercise. There are a few things you can consider when trying to figure out why your dog doesn’t want it. Depending on the cause, there are many things you can do about it.

Why your dog doesn’t like to cuddle

Each of the different reasons your dog doesn’t like to cuddle probably comes with a number of clues in the way it does it. The following describes why this is the case and more likely. It will be a lot easier if you have an idea of the cause and it will make you want to hug more.

Previous owner

The reason i don’t like to cuddle is that i may have been abused by my previous owner. It’s more likely if you recently adopted it from a shelter. In this case, over time, it’ll be more comfortable around you. But paying more attention in the form of training, exercise and play will help you to make your surroundings more comfortable.

Illness or injury

It may be caused by illness or injury. This is more likely if you hugged in the past, but suddenly stopped it. It is also more likely if you are acting abnormally in other ways, or if you are showing signs of other diseases. If you think it may be caused by illness or injury, it’s best to take it to the vet.


Something may have caused your dog to be afraid. Someone could have abused it or there could be something horrible in that environment. It can also be intimidating if you try to hug her. This will always avoid hugging it and look scared when you try, but more likely if you act otherwise normally.


You may also not want to hug them naturally. This is more likely if you’ve always avoided hugs, and if you don’t want it to be hugged suddenly. This is not uncommon because dogs don’t always show affection in the way we expect. The other way your dog might be trying to show affection is to come to you when you call it, get excited when you get home, and keep pace with you during the walk.


The reason your dog doesn’t like to cuddle may be because it’s still young. When dogs are puppies, they are much more energetic and will not feel like they are still. If your dog is still a puppy, it is likely that it will be more willing to cuddle as it gets older.

it wants exercise

Dogs require a lot of exercise. Depending on the breed, they require one hour of exercise per day, and for some varieties like husky, even that is not enough. When they don’t do much exercise, it could be why they cause them to develop behavioral problems and your son doesn’t want to stay in place with you. If you don’t get the recommended amount of exercise for your breed, it will help you make sure you do.


Dogs can become depressed like humans and the reason it may be avoiding being hugged is that it may be depressed. This would be more likely if you started it suddenly after something happened that might have caused it to fall. What may have happened involves someone moving or another dog dying.

Things to consider

Here are some of the most useful things to consider when trying to understand why your dog doesn’t like to cuddle. Once you have a better understanding of the cause, it is easier to take the appropriate action.

if it always avoided a hug

It is useful to consider if you always try to understand why you don’t want to do it or not. If it always avoids hugging, it is more likely to do it naturally.

When you don’t hold

It’s also useful when you don’t like it. If it just seems like avoiding hugging at a certain time, it may be due to poor diet or not getting enough exercise. If it always seems to avoid it, it would be more likely to be natural, disease, depression or still a puppy.

Just because i don’t like to hug you doesn’t mean I don’t like you.

If you don’t like cuddling, that means you don’t like it. That’s not true. Dogs can show affection in many ways and are not necessarily the way we expect. Get excited when you get home and keep pace with you on a walk, coming when you call it, and it can all be a sign of affection.

How to make your dog cuddle more

There are a lot of things you can do about what your dog doesn’t want to hug. The best option for your dog largely depends on what causes you to do it. Below, I’ll mention a number of things you can do about it.

Positive Strengthening Training

One is to try positive strengthening training. This is where you reward your dog for what you want to pay attention to or eat sweets. To use it to hug you your dog can be: tell your dog to come to where you are sitting. If you haven’t trained your dog to come to command, I’m writing about how you do it here. Then repeat the above reward sought from coming to you and then reward it just before you think it’s leaving. Every time you do it, wait a little longer before giving you a reward for staying with you until you can get it to stay with you without leaving.

Avoid negative reinforcement training

Negative reinforcement training is where dogs accidentally reinforce bad behavior by rewarding them when they appear. If you are often giving the dog what you want, you may have accidentally trained to do it if it doesn’t hug you. Instead, it helps to avoid rewarding when you don’t do it and reward you when you behave the way you want.

don’t punish it or be emotional around it

If you punish your dog when you do something you don’t like, it may not know what you’re punishing it for, and it can cause anger. Instead of punishing it, try to reward good behavior and use positive reinforcement training instead of rewarding bad behavior.

pay a lot of exercise and attention

If your dog doesn’t get much exercise or attention at the moment, it will help you make sure you do. One good way to give it both is to train it to play Fetch, which will help you to wear it quickly.

take it to the vet

If you can’t understand why your dog doesn’t hug you, or if you think there may be medical reasons, it will help you take it to the vet. In doing so, you can get professional advice tailored to your particular dog.

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