Why does my dog lay around all the time?

If your dog is lying all the time, you may wonder why and what you can do about it. This post shows why it is going and what you can do about it. So why is my dog always lying down? It is likely to be normal behavior because the dog naturally sleeps 12-14 hours a day and spends a lot of time relaxing to wake up (source). However, it is recommended that you take it to the examination because it seems to be sick suddenly for the first time.Even though it is naturally likely to be lying around a lot, there are still some other reasons why it might have been doing it. There are also a few things to consider when deciding what to do.

Why your dog is always lying

Below are some reasons why your dog might have been doing it and why they are likely to be the main reason.


The reason it came is likely to be in its nature that it lies a lot asleep. Adult dogs naturally sleep 12-14 hours a day and also wake up and spend about 30% of the day, but are relaxed and lively, only about 20% of the day is awake (source). If so, if your dog is not lying more suddenly or showing no signs of illness, it’s more likely to be doing it naturally.


The cause is a disease or medical condition and it may be causing more sleep or lying around more. This would be more likely if your dog suddenly started it and it shows other signs of the disease, such as vomiting or not eating, being tired even when it is moving around. In this case, the best option would be to take it to the vet.

that diet problem

In addition, the problem of the diet may have contributed to the action. This makes you more likely to do more if you start doing more from a change in diet or eating certain foods. It helps to make sure you are giving the dog the right food, you are giving it the right amount of calories and helps to prevent anyone else from eating it without telling you.


Also, something may cause your dog to fall down and, as a result, lie around more. This is more likely if the owner started it since stressful events such as leaving, if it shows other signs of depression.

Things to consider

Below are some things to consider when thinking about the main reason your dog is doing it.

What else happened when you first started?

If your dog suddenly starts it, it will help you think about what happened when you first started it. Possible causes are changes in diet, cause displeased, weather getting hot, fatigue, and sudden lye of exercise.

How old is it?

It also helps to consider the age of your dog. Adult dogs sleep a lot naturally, but puppies and older dogs will sleep even more. If your dog is a puppy, or an older dog and it sleeps a lot, it can be a natural behavior, especially if the vet finds no problem and is not behaving abnormally when awake.

If you get tired when you move around

It’s normal for a dog to get up and relax a lot. However, if you are a dog that is tired even during exercise, it is recommended that you take it with a veterinarian for a checkup.

what to do about it

Below are a few things you can do about your dog lying a lot.

Let your dog sleep when you want

As mentioned earlier, dogs will naturally lie asleep a lot. It would do more harm than good to prevent you from sleeping when it wants to. So it is advisable to take it for regular checkups with the veterinarian to make sure the dog sleeps as much as it wants and makes sure it is healthy.

exercise enough

Dogs are meant to exercise every day and can begin abnormal behavior when they are not getting enough. If it is healthy, it will help to make sure that you can get the recommended daily amount of exercise for that breed.

take it to the vet

If your dog suddenly started it or it is behaving abnormally, the best option is to take it to the vet. In doing so, you can get professional advice tailored to your particular dog and it can eliminate the possibility due to the medical condition.

Make it easy to sleep at night

It also helps to allow you to fall asleep easily at night. The room where it sleeps should be too bright, quiet, cool and comfortable lying space.

make sure it’s getting the right meal

It also helps to make sure it is getting the right diet, it is eating the right amount of calories and no one else is feeding it.

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