Why does my dog grab my arm?

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If your dog is holding your arm, you’ll probably be wondering what you can do about it. In this post, you’ll see why your dog is grabbing your arm and what you can do to stop it. So why does my dog grab my arm? The conceivable reason is that it is toothy, requires attention, is excited, that you accidentally strengthened the lack of action and training.There are a couple of nuances to consider when trying to figure out why your dog grabs your arm. Depending on the cause, there are many things you can do to stop it.

Why Your Dog Grabs Your Arm

Each of the different reasons your dog grabs your arm probably comes with some clues on how it does it. Below we will mention a number of reasons why it might have done it and why they are more likely.

They have teeth

The reason your dog is trying to mouth your arms is that it may be teething. This would be more likely if it is still young and it is starting to bite other things as well. If your teeth appear to be growing, it’s important to train just to chew what you need. You can see that a lot of “leave it” training is good for this. It also helps to give a lot of chewing stuff, such as toys and dog bites.

it wants to pay attention

That’s why you grab your arm, it could be looking for attention. This is more likely when you haven’t paid much attention for a while, and if you tend to pay more attention when you do it. In this case, it will help you avoid rewarding with your attention by not paying attention until you grab your arm and turn your back and stop grabbing it.


The reason you try to grab your arm is that it may be excited. If you tend to do it in very exciting situations, such as when you go home or go for a walk, you’re more likely to do it. In this case, it helps to avoid getting excited until you stop grabbing your arm if possible.

You’ve inadvertently rewarded your actions.

You may also have inadvertently trained a dog to grab an arm. This is more likely if you tend to give what you want when you grab an arm, such as attention, toys, sweets, etc. Instead of giving what it wants, it helps to avoid rewarding when you don’t grab your arm and reward it when you’re behaving the way you want.

Lack of training

It may be done because your dog is not trained to do so and you don’t know any thing more. If you haven’t trained your dog so that you don’t grab your arm, it will help you to do so by following the tips listed below.

Things to consider

Below are some particularly useful things to consider when trying to understand why your dog is doing it. You have a better idea of the cause and it will be much easier to stop.

When you do it positively

If your dog actively grabs your arm, it will be a more serious problem. Possible causes of your arm being aggressively grabbed are abuse, pain, lack of training, or being aggressive against it on your own. In this case, the best option is to get the help of a certified dog trainer or activist in your area.

that age

It also helps to consider the age of your dog. If it is still young, it is more likely that you are teething or you don’t know any better. If it’s an adult, you’re more likely to accidentally do it back and you need to train it and avoid rewarding.

Grab your arm when and where

It is also useful to consider the timing and location. If you seem to do it only when you are trying to take it for a walk, it is more likely due to excitement. On the other hand, if it always seems to do it, you are more likely not to learn that grabbing your arm is not okay.

How to stop grabbing your arm

There are many things you can do to stop your dog from grabbing your arm. The best option for your dog depends mainly on the cause.

Positive Strengthening Training

Positive strengthening training is a place where dogs can do what they want by showing signs of getting things done or doing. To use positive reinforcement training to get it to stop you from grabbing your arm: hide your arms when you get up and start grabbing your arms out of the room if necessary. After a while, you start paying attention, and then you start grabbing your arm, and then you’re rewarded with a treat, especially when you’re doing well, until you know that you’re going to grab your arm and lose your attention.

Avoid negative reinforcement

Negative strengthening training is a place to strengthen bad behavior by accidentally rewarding inappropriate behavior. As mentioned earlier, this may be why your dog is trying to grab your arm. Instead of giving it what it wants when it does it, try to avoid rewarding it and try to train so that you don’t grab your arm using positive strengthening training like the one above.

Avoid overreaction

Dogs usually are very in tune with the owner’s emotions. If you tend to react around your dog, it may cause itself to react. Use calm and positive strengthening training around your dog and help you train to work the way you want.

exercise it

Dogs often require a lot of exercise, depending on the breed, and they can require as much as an hour of exercise per day. If your dog is not exercising too much, it may become more hyperactive and cause you to grab your arm. This will help you to make sure you start exercising. If you can’t do it yourself, you can get the dog walker to do it for you.

Get help from dog activists

If you can’t understand why your dog grabs your arm, consider doing it positively or getting the help of a dog activist who can’t stop it. In doing so, you can get professional help tailored to your particular dog.

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