Why does my dog bark when the phone rings?

If your dog is barking when the phone rings, you may be wondering why and what you can do about it. This post shows why they do it and what they can do to stop it. So why does the dog bark when the phone rings? The possible reason is that you think there is a threat, you get rewarded when you bark, it causes excitement, it wants to warn you of possible dangers, or that it is reacting to a high pitch.There are actually a lot of reasons why it might have done it, and it may be due to a combination of reasons. However, there are many things you can do about it, and there are a few things you can consider when coming up with the main causes.

Why the dog barks when the phone rings

Below are the general reasons why dogs do it and why you are more likely to be doing it.

I think there’s a threat.

The reason why it does it may be because it thinks there is a threat. It’s most likely especially if the phone vibrates and it’s very large when it rings. It is also more likely that your dog is showing threatening body language by curling the nose and showing teeth. In this case, positive strengthening training and desensitization training should help as described below.

Bark and you’ll be rewarded.

You may also be aware that you get a reward for barking when the phone rings. If you tend to pay special attention when barking over the phone, you are more likely to do more to get paid more. Instead, it will help you ignore it until the bark stops, and then start ignoring it again when it starts barking again.

it’s excited

It can also cause the phone to get excited. Maybe one of the reasons is that you might want exercise and you tend to exercise after you get up to take the phone. This is more likely if your dog shows signs of excitement when the phone rings by waving its tail or jumping up with wide open eyes. It will help you make sure your dog is getting a daily amount of recommended exercise for their age and breed.

It wants to warn you

Another possible reason it does is that it may be trying to warn you. This would be more likely if it is running to you when it does. In this case, it is also useful for active strengthening and desensitization training.

it’s reacting to the treble

Wolves and dogs will bark to tell other members of the pack that in the wild scare other predators where it is or are entering their territory. The phone treble may be causing your dog to react to it. This would be more likely if your phone ringtone has a treble and also if you bark or howl with something like a siren. In this case, it helps to change the ringtone to a higher pitch on the phone.

Things to consider

Below are some things to consider when figuring out why your dog is doing it.

If you are always barking when the phone rings

If it didn’t always bark at the phone, it might have been an event that caused it to start, so it will help you to consider what happened when it first started it. If it started suddenly, it might be because you were rewarded for what you did it once, there was an important event involving a phone ring that might have changed the ringtone or caused anxiety at the sound.

What’s the difference when you don’t bark?

It also helps to consider what makes a difference when it doesn’t do it, if it doesn’t always bark at the phone. For example, if you don’t do it when the phone is quiet, you’re more likely to have a sound threatening.

how to stop it

Below are some things to make it stop.

Positive Strengthening Training

Positive strengthening training is a place where dogs encourage you to behave the way you want by rewarding them when they behave that way. To use it to stop barking on the phone you can: start by playing the sound very quietly and reward your dog for not barking gradually increases the phone noise and rewards it for not barking, but once you start barking on the phone in another room, return to the easier stage and slowly turn up the volume

Desensitization training

Desensitization training involves getting used to it, as your dog has a positive association with the sound. To get the dog to stop barking, gently play it and gradually turn up the volume.

Avoid encouraging action

As mentioned earlier, if you encourage action, it may give you what you want. Instead, it rewards when not barking and helps to wait for barking before giving it what it wants.

avoid punishing actions

It is still a form of attention and helps to avoid punishing it for barking over the phone because your dog is likely to think of it as a kind of reward.

Avoid being too emotional

You may be reacting to your own emotions. When interacting with it, it helps to stay calm and use positive strengthening training to get you behave the way you want.

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