Why does my dog bark when I hug someone?

If your dog barks every time you hug someone, you may wonder why and what you can do about it. This post shows why you do it and what you can do to stop it. So why do my dogs bark when I hug them? The common cause is that it wants attention itself, it has learned to get a reward for doing it, or think something is wrong.There are actually a number of reasons why you might have done it, and it could be due to a combination of reasons. However, there are many things you can do about it, and there are a few things you can consider when coming up with the main causes.

Why your dog barks when you hug someone

Below are some common reasons why it might be doing it and why they are likely to be the main cause.

it wants attention itself

The reason why it does it may be because you want to pay attention to itself. This is more likely if you tend to pay attention when you start barking and if you try to get in between both when it does it. It helps to avoid paying attention when barking, ignore until you stop barking, and pay attention when you do not bark. Otherwise, if you want to pay attention, just bark.

The action paid off.

You may also have learned to get paid for doing it. This would be more likely if you tend to give things like toys, sweets or food when it barks. Again, it helps you avoid rewarding your actions and try to reward them when you are behaving the way you want them to.

it’s confusing

Maybe it’s because we’re confused and don’t understand why we’re hugging each other. It’s more likely if you’re showing signs of confusing or disturbing during a hug, such as tilting your head.

I think you’re in danger.

You might also do that because you think both are actually fighting. This is more likely if you’re with someone you’ve never met before, if it shows threatening body language and it tries to stop you, it’s more likely.

Things to consider

What else happened when you first started?

If your dog didn’t always bark when you were hugging a person, it will help you think about what happened when it first started it. If it suddenly started it, it’s likely that you learned to get rewarded when barking while you’re hugging. On the other hand, if it has always done it, the cause is that it wants to pay attention for itself and is more likely not to miss.

What’s the difference when you do it?

It also helps you to think about whether you always bark when you hug and what makes it different when you don’t do it. If it does it from time to time, it might do it because if you do it only when you’re hugging someone you don’t know, it’s more likely to think something is wrong. On the other hand, if it always does it, the cause is that it wants to pay attention for itself.

how to stop it

Below are some things you can do to get it to stop barking when you hug.

Avoid rewarding

As mentioned above, you may have learned to get a reward for hugging and barking. It helps to avoid the reward swell when doing it and wait for a while to bark before doing it. If it starts barking again, it is important to stop rewarding to learn that barking is not to get rewarded.

avoid punishment

If you shout it to bark, help avoid doing so. Even punishment is a form of attention and can be thought of as a reward for your dog that might actually encourage action. Instead, reward when not barking and help to ignore it when it happens.

Positive Strengthening Training

Positive strengthening training is a place where dogs encourage them to behave in a certain way by rewarding them when they show signs of behaving that way. Watch the video below to see how to use reinforcement training before getting your dog to stop barking. To skip the intro, skip to the two-minute mark.

They look away

Another option would be to give your dog a distraction when you are kissing. What you can give it includes toys, bones and puzzle games.

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