Why does my dog bark at fireworks?

If your dog is barking at fireworks, this article will show you the number of possible causes and what you can do to stop it. So why does my dog bark at fireworks? The conceivable reason is that it is afraid of them, it causes fights and flight responses, it has a sensitive hearing, it may be if you sense the vibrations of the ground or encourage action by way of it. There are several reasons why fireworks may bark and a combination of them may be the cause. But there are many things you can do to stop it.

Why your dog barks at fireworks

Below are the common reasons why dogs do it and the reasons why your dog is doing it are more likely.


The reason is that fireworks are feared. This is more likely if it shows signs of fear that it can contain: Cowering flattens its ears and hides its tail that licks its tail

it causes fights and flight responses

The loudness of fireworks may give your dog a very vigilant fight or flight response immediately to get ready to take action as needed. This would be more likely if your dog would be equally anxious when you heard the noise. This will help you to stay in a quiet room and follow other tips as described below.

Sensitive hearing

Dogs have better hearing than us and they can hear trebles too. When they hear the fireworks, it’ll look much stronger than us, which is likely to be the reason they start barking when they hear them.

sense the vibration of the ground

The reason why this is also the ability to sense the vibration of the ground. This is more likely if the fireworks are strong and bark only when they are nearby. It is also more likely to bark at something like lightning.

that is that protection

You may bark because you think that there is a treat near the size of the sound and it is protected. This is more likely if you don’t show any signs of fear above or if you’re very vigilant when you have fireworks.

Encourage action

You may also encourage it by rewarding you when you do it. If you tend to pay special attention to toys, sweets, and fireworks may be part of the reason it barks better. It may be worth trying to reward each time you show no bark, distract you before you start barking, and try to go to a quiet room.

What to do with your dog barking at fireworks

Below are some options you have when you get it to stop barking at fireworks.

Let’s stay in a quiet room.

If there is a room well insulated from the noise in the house, it may be worth trying to get your dog to stay in the room when there are fireworks. In doing so, it should help reduce the reaction they have.

Desensitization training

Another option is desensitization training, where you get used to hearing sounds like they stop worrying about it. To do this, you can play the sound of fireworks quietly from your phone when you play it so that it has a positive association with the sound.

give a distraction

It may also help to give you something to be distracted when you have fireworks. What you can give it includes toys, bones and puzzle games.

Mask noise

It also helps to try to mask noise by playing other sounds such as rain from the phone when there are fireworks.

Reward without barking

It also helps to stop barking by quitting the reward when you don’t bark, not to be rewarded when you start barking, and to wait for it to bark again before you do the reward. Doing this should help teach you to get rewardif you stop barking.

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