How To Train Your Husky To Stay

Siberian Husky
Huskies are known for their difficulty in training. But the truth is that they were bred to work with humans who pull sledding for hours every day at sub-zero temperatures. If they are taught to do it, you can definitely teach them to stay.

How to teach husky to stay

Some candy, a toy your husky loves, and if you have a long lead go to the park or backyard. Start by rewarding your commands to sit or lie down. If you haven’t trained your husky to do it yet, you may need to relax it the first few times. Tell them to get paid for sweets, and tell them to put their palms forward as if they were telling someone to stop. If it sits down for a second and pays attention to you, reward it again. Repeat this process. Every time you do it, try to pay you attention a little longer. Try to get up to five seconds. While you sit down, stay with the husky, retreat a few steps, and come back and reward you if you sit down. Repeat each time, and then go a few steps further. Once it starts to work, pause a little before returning to reward it. Now you’re going to do both of the exercises again, but this time use the toy you like it. First, tell them to stay, ring and shake their toys, and then redo the toys and not go to the toys. Then do it again, but put the toy in front of it and reward it for not going for the toy. Then add a start of the distance by staying close to your husky and gradually go away. Watch the video below to see how it’s done.

Why You Should Teach Husky To Stay

There are many benefits you can get out of teaching to stay husky and it is one of the first things you need to train it to do.

It makes it easier to get along with people.

If you can teach your huskies to stay in command, that means they have people without the influence of your husky. This makes it easier for you to maintain a social life with your dog around you and it will have people on top of less stress experience. It also makes guests feel more comfortable and increases their chances of wanting to come more often.

you will have an easier time walking husky

By stationary your husky when you want it, you can do things such as your husky picking up poo without pulling you away.

Make it easier to treat with a veterinarian

Having your husky stand still at the vet will be able to do it quickly, and it will be a less stressful experience for your husky.

Stay responsive to commands

Being able to keep your husky still on a regular basis when you want will keep you used to listening to your commands. This will help you to maintain the respect it has for you and it will help you to teach others more easily.

Make it easier to stop inappropriate behavior

Huskies tend to have bigger prey drives than other dogs. By having a husky remain when you want it, you can stop inappropriate behavior, such as chasing a cat or trying to destroy something.

Things to consider

When you’re training your husky to stay, you may want to keep in mind that I mention below.

They patient

Teaching husky to stay is something that needs to be repeated over and over again over a long period of time. Just teaching the husky to stay once will quickly forget and you won’t have to leave it when you want. That’s why it’s important to have a lot of patience and take a long-term approach to this.

give it a lot of exercise

Husky is a breed that requires a lot of exercise. The occasional walk is not going to do much for them because they were bred to drag the sled at sub-zero temperatures for hours. If you don’t give your husky a lot of exercise, it becomes more hyperactivity and it becomes much more difficult to train.

Build distractions.

When you are training your husky to stay, it is important to do so in a few steps. You can try one second, then two seconds, and after a while more distance, try the toy nearby, and then try with the toy in the distance. It will be very hard if you try to stay while you are away five meters away immediately. If that doesn’t work, be sure to watch the video at the link above.


Consider the age of your husky when you are trying to train it. If you are younger, you will be more energetic, but you can change the habits that can be easily done by wearing it first and more easily. If it’s old, it may be hard to change, but it’s often a little more patient because you can’t change it.

Make sure to do it regularly

It is important to train consistently. The more you do it, the more you’ll get it into the habit of staying with your husky. An easy way to make sure you train it consistently is to let them stay before feeding them in the morning.

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How to teach husky? To teach husky, you will want to make sure that you taught you to stay first. Then you will just want to tell it to keep taking a few steps back and tell it to come while attracting it with favorite treats and toys. Go back to a small distance, don’t come until you tell, and then gradually increase the distance.How to teach husky down? To teach husky down, simply say “down” while getting some candy you like it and making it attractive as you go down a treat on the floor. After you can go down with candy, you will only lower it gradually when you say “down” and then reward it with a treat.

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