How To Teach Your Husky To Stay

You will be taught to stay in four stages. First, teach them to sit down. Then you’ll teach you to stay with you near it. Then you’ll teach it to keep away. Then you’ll teach it to stay a distraction. Help teach husky to sit down before teaching you to stay. You can do this as follows: get some candy you like it and say get your husky in front of you and lure you into a sitting position by slowly raising the treat over your head until it sits naturally. When it’s sitting in a treat to reward it, when you start to seduce it with a treat, it continues to do the above until it enters a position where it naturally sits. Again now, stop seducing it with a treat. Instead, show it as a treat and tell them to sit naturally. Again now, don’t show it a treat. Instead, just say “sit down” and wait for it to enter the sitting position and then reward it. After a while for the first few attempts, you may need to remind you to sit down with a treat. If you want to see how this is done, video below the next stage below. After teaching husky to sit down, you can start teaching it to stay. To do this, i’ll tell you to get your favorite candy and sit it down and reward it, so i’ll tell you to sit down again, but now i’ll give you a gesture and hold out as if you’re saying “stay”, wait half a second, and then reward the husky. Repeat the above. Every time you do, you need your husky to stay a little longer. You can stay for more than 30 seconds with these exercises on a regular basis. Now you can see in the video below how this is done and you will want to keep it by adding a distance between you and your husky. To do this, you can do the following: get some candy your husky likes and sit down to get your husky in an area with some room such as a backyard and tell your husky to reward it for doing so, but this time you’ve come to come back a few steps back and reward you to stay and Increase the distance you go back in time, let your husky stay when you’re far away and start adding pauses before returning to reward it. Start with a small pause and build it slowly. If you can get the Husky to stay when you’re not around, you can start to stay when there’s something to distract you. To do this, do the following: get some candy or toy your husky likes and do the same thing now to get it in front of you by telling you to sit down and reward it, but after you say it, just show it to the toy and reward it for a stay. Do the above a few more times and then start to make your husky more attractive to go for the toy by dropping it on the floor. Now start making it even more difficult by waving toys around or throwing toys. This step is often a challenge for many Huskies, so don’t jump into it too quickly. Do the above again, but add some distance between you and your husky. You can watch the video below to see how it is done. Now you will want to stay elsewhere with it. If you can get a husky home, you’d think it would be as easy to stay elsewhere, but usually not. It’s a lot harder to leave a husky when there’s something to distract you. So it’s worth going through the above stages in multiple places. Build on being able to distract and start by teaching it in less places around and doing it in a more demanding environment.

How to Stay At The Door With Your Husky

If you teach a husky when you are distracted by a toy, you need to jump to teach the husky when the door opens. This is important because huskies often try to bolt out doors whenever they can. To teach huskies to stay at the door, you will teach it in a similar way to how you taught it when you are distracted by the toy on stage 4 above. To do this, get some candy that your husky likes and put a long lead on your husky go to the door with your husky and put one of your legs on the lead to stop it when you open the door and now sit on your husky and make a very small movement towards the door as if to open it. Then reward your husky for staying. Repeat the above. Every time you do, you actually approach opening the door. If you can stay with your hand on the door handle and twist it, you will do the above, but this time you will actually open the door. Just open it a small bit and start and gradually increase the distance to open the door. Don’t forget to keep your feet on the lead when you do this. If you can leave the husky even if the door is open, you will have more time to keep the door open. Start with a short period and gradually increase it.

Things to remember

When you are teaching your husky to stay when you tell it, there are a few things you can do to improve your results.

Train in more than one place

Huskies (and most other dogs) can’t always generalize their training to a new environment. This is why it helps to train your husky in different places so that you will listen to you in more diverse situations.

Train regularly

It’s important to train your huskies, stay regular, remember to train, and stay when you need them. A good way to train your husky so easy to stay every day is to wait until you say it can eat its food.

Reward for good behavior does not give bad punishment.

Another important thing is to reward you for doing the training correctly, not punishing it when it’s wrong. This makes you more likely to train your Huskies in small steps and get it right when you gradually get more difficult ygetting.

Why teach your husky?

There are many advantages in teaching your husky to stay I’ll mention below.

will help you get along

Despite the many distractions, being able to stay with your husky when you tell it will help you socialize with others while your dog is around. Being able to talk with them without flying around your husky will help them become more comfortable around your husky, and will have guests around a much less stressful experience.

Help keep your husky safe

One of the main ways huskies get injured is when they run out of the front door. Being able to stay husky when the front door is open will help keep it safe.

Reduce stress

Having a husky that doesn’t listen can be a very stressful experience, especially if it is hyperactivity. Being able to stop inappropriate behavior when you say so will help you improve your relationship with your dog and make your life easier.

Tell your husky that you’re in charge

By letting your husky stay when you tell it regularly, you can reaffirm that you are in charge in your husky mind. This helps to reduce the bad behavior and make the command more responsive.

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How do I get my husky to come when i’m called? To do this, you first need to make sure to teach your husky to stay when you are not nearby. After doing it, you will want to tell it to stay and call it back a few steps and repeat it by increasing the distance every time. I have written here about how to do this in the past.

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