How To Teach Your Husky To Play Fetch

Teaching your husky to play fetch seems like a hard task and if you don’t teach the dog to play fetch before it can feel very overwhelming. In this post, I’ll try to show you how to teach huskies to fetch in an efficient way. This approach divides the training process into many smaller components. Doing this will allow you to teach fetching more quickly and easily so your husky needs to learn one thing at a time.The first step is to teach your husky to hold the toy in its mouth.To do this, do the following: get some candy and find the toy your husky likes and bring it to your husky. Reward your husky for showing interest in toys. Interested in just looking at a toy can do anything to eat a toy. The goal is to eat the toy when you show it. Once you can get a husky in your mouth toy when you show it, it starts to introduce word clues and start introducing new objects. Now you start to increase the time your husky needs to cling to the toy. The toy rewards you for holding a tenth of a second and needs time gradually. Be careful not to make big jumps of time you need to hold the husky. The object is then brought closer to the floor and eventually physically dropped onto the floor. He keeps saying, “Take it,” and pays off by holding on to the toy.The next step is to teach your husky to give you toys. This stage is important because it is common for your husky to have your husky take out the toy, but it won’t return it to you. To do this, do the following: Get some candy or toys that your husky likes and get your husky in front of you. Now, when you take your husky out of your hand or take a toy off the floor and say “take it”, it rewards your husky when you leave the object. You may need to encourage people to let go of things by holding hands or taking smelly food outside. You probably need to be very patient for this step. Repeat the above until you say “give” and you can let go of the toy immediately. Don’t say give as soon as your husky picks up a toy, otherwise you start forgetting to have a toy. Again, just reward it to give you a toy by putting it in your hands.The next step is to add a distance between you and your husky.You can do it as follows: get a toy and some candy you like it. Drop the toy on the floor and say “take it” and say “give” because you need to take a few steps back quickly and give it to you to come. Don’t forget to reward when it was done successfully. Repeat the above and gradually increase the distance your husky needs to go to give you a toy. Now, instead of moving yourself, when you drop the toy, you’ll have the dog take the toy out. Do this by starting to pull the toy closer to a short distance. When you say “fetch” it, you’ll reward you by bringing back the toy and getting it. Repeat above and gradually increase the distance you need to go get the toy. When it gets better and it starts introducing new objects to fetch, if your husky can easily do the above, you can start doing it in a new environment such as a park. Start by fetching it at a short distance and gradually increase the distance. Watch the video below and see how it’s done

Why teach your husky fetch

I have many advantages in teaching your husky to play fetch to mention below. The first advantage is that it will help give your husky more exercise. Husky is a breed to pull sleds over long distances, so in order to exercise properly, you need to get tired immediately before the husky does. Fetch is a great way to do this because it can be done in a local park and it doesn’t require much effort on your side. By giving you a lot of husky exercise, you can reduce undesirable behaviors such as properly stimulating it and seeking attention or destroying it. The next advantage is that you can teach your husky to listen to you. This is beneficial because you can get your husky to listen to you when it is behaving inappropriately. This will help you reduce your own stress and keep your husky safer. Another advantage is that it is rewarding for you too. Teaching your husky to play fetch is something that can take you a lot of time to learn, and your husky can do it and you will feel good about yourself and your husky for your achievements.

Things to consider

There are a few things you want to keep in mind when you are teaching your husky to play fetch.

Patience is important

Teaching the Huskies to fetch is unlikely to be done in a single training session. If you’re slow, don’t be discouraged and continue to follow the steps. If you don’t seem to be going anywhere, take it from there back in a few steps.

It’s important to stay interested in husky.

When you teach to play your husky, it is important to keep that interest. This can be done by using a toy that you really like, using your favorite sweets, and having a lot of energy about yourself during training.

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