How to keep your Golden Retriever happy

Golden retriever
If you’ve been getting a Golden Retriever lately or want to get a Golden Retriever, you’re wondering how to keep it happy. So how do you keep the Golden Retriever happy? There is a lot of work to be done to keep the Golden Retriever happy. The main thing is to give one hour of exercise every day, give a lot of training, pay a lot of attention and continue to occupy it and take it to the vet for regular checkups. In fact, there are many ways to give your Golden Retriever exercise, pay attention and continue to occupy it. The following sections provide tips to help you provide information about each of them in the Golden Retriever.

How to exercise the Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are a breed intended to get more exercise on a daily basis. If they don’t get enough exercise, they can behave abnormally and develop behavioral problems. So it is important to make sure that if you are a healthy adult, you can exercise. In general, golden retrievers are recommended to get at least an hour of exercise per day as a healthy adult. The following sections describe how to exercise the Golden Retriever and how to make it more efficient.


The most obvious way to do a Golden Retriever exercise is to walk it. You’ll find that the Golden Retriever has energy even after an hour’s walk, but if so, you can try to make the walk more difficult for it. Further more walking, faster walking, walking in the hills, loosening in a dog park (if you can surely come back), and putting a weight vest of weight of less than 10% of the weight can be more difficult.

Play fetch

Another way to wear it right away is to play fetch effective ly because the dog does a lot of running without much rest. It also helps to improve your relationship with your Golden Retriever, getting it accustomed to interacting with you in a positive way and actually allowing it to listen to you more easily. You can watch the video below for some tips on how to teach it to fetch.

Walk with other dogs

You might also walk your Golden Retriever with other dogs. By doing this, you can wear yourself more quickly because it will do more exercise by playing with other dogs. It also helps to improve its behavior and helps to get it to socialize.

teach swimming

You can also teach them to swim in the Golden Retriever. By doing this, you can do a lot of exercise because you need to move your feet quickly to keep your feet floating. It also works well in the summer so it helps to keep cool.

Using dog walkers

If you can’t give yourself a Golden Retriever exercise, there’s a way to take a dog walk and get it done on a day when you can’t. There is now an app that you can download where you can find dog walkers in your area.

pay attention and continue to occupy it

You also need to pay more attention to your Golden Retriever and find many ways to keep occupying it. Below we will mention some ways you can do so.


One way to keep the Golden Retriever happy is to tug at it. Most Golden Retrievers love to play it, so yours will enjoy it a lot. It is also a good way to keep it entertained at home because you don’t need too much room to do it.


Another way to keep it occupied was to give training to help me continue to be stimulated mentally and physically. Training with the Golden Retriever prevents you from doing things you don’t want to do or do dangerous things. It can also improve your relationship with your Golden Retriever so it can turn your attention to direction and prevent it from dominant behavior. Helps you get started by training it to do simple tasks such as sitting in an environment without much distraction. Then gradually help build to train it to do more difficult things.

Lots of toys.

Another thing you can do to keep your Golden Retriever occupied is that it gives you a lot of toys to play with. By doing this, you can continue to focus on something you don’t mind focusing on instead of something like your couch. If your golden retriever goes through the tooth stage, it’s especially important to give a lot of toys to play with because you naturally want to chew things at this stage.

Puzzle game

You can also continue to occupy your Golden Retriever by giving it a puzzle to solve it. There are toys you can buy that are designed to think about how your golden retriever will reach the inner candy. This will help you keep focusing on your Golden Retriever. The only problem is that once your Golden Retriever understands it, you can get something a little more difficult because it can’t be too interesting.

bite it

You can also give it a bite to bite it as a way to continue to occupy it. Some are designed to be something you want to have for when you think the Golden Retriever might start behaving inappropriately.

Dog Nursery

If you think you can’t continue to occupy your Golden Retriever while you’re not around, all you can consider is to take it to a dog nursery.

Keep the Golden Retriever cool in the summer

The Golden Retriever can be hot in the summer. Here are a few things you can do to keep cool when the weather heats up.

grooming it

The first thing you can do is groom it around once a week. By grooming it, you will be able to get rid of loose fur that helps keep it cool by allowing the air to penetrate its fur.

Don’t shave.

You might think that shaving the fur from the golden retriever would help keep it cool, but it actually had the effect of getting hot and gave heat stroke. This is because the skin comes into direct contact with the sunlight and is intended to help the fur adjust its temperature.

Give access to water and shade

It also helps to provide access to water, shade and cool rooms throughout the day.

teach swimming

As mentioned earlier, teaching the Golden Retriever to swim is a good way to exercise it in the summer because it requires a lot of effort and helps keep the water cool. However, it is important not to go out in the sun for a long time because swimming can lead to heat stroke when it is hot.

Morning or evening exercise

When it is hot outside, it is important to avoid sunlight as much as possible. This means that it is better to exercise while cool outside in the morning or when the sun goes down in the evening.

Use air conditioning

If you have air conditioning, you can also set the air conditioner to a low temperature to keep the Golden Retriever cool.

Things to consider


If you want to keep the Golden Retriever happy, it’s important to bring it to the vet for regular checkups so you can stay healthy.


If your Golden Retriever is still a puppy, it will require more attention. However, because its bones and joints are still developing, you will not be able to get as much exercise as it could damage. In general, it is advisable to give five minutes of exercise for each month of the age it has. Instead, you can stimulate it by playing with it and training.

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