Can my Labrador sleep with me?

If you’re wondering if you should put your Labrador to sleep together, this post will help you decide. So, can my Labrador sleep with me? Studies show If the dog is healthy and has no behavioral problems, there is no problem. However, if there are behavioral problems such as aggression, resource protection, or separation anxiety, it can become more pronounced.There are a few things to consider when deciding whether to put a Labrador to sleep with you.

The reason you put your Labrador to sleep with you may not be a good idea.

Below are some reasons why it might not be a good idea to put your Labrador to sleep with you.

it may contribute to separation anxiety

One of the reasons it may not be a good idea is that it may contribute to its separation anxiety. By sleeping with you, your Labrador will be around you even more around you. If it currently has separation anxiety, this could get worse.

It may be difficult to sleep.

Another reason that sleeping together may not be a good idea is that it may make it harder for you to fall asleep. This is because your Labrador moves around during the night and this can annoy you. Having said that, try to sleep with you for a few nights and see if it’s harder to fall asleep.

It may exacerbate your own allergies and infect the disease

Having a Labrador sleep with you may exacerbate allergies and risk contagious diseases. But while this is a very rare occurrence (source), it is important to note.

Resource guard may increase.

If you are currently experiencing an behavior problem, such as Resource Guard, it is not recommended that you put it to sleep before addressing the problem. This is because you may start to defend that place on the bed.

If you change your mind, it may be hard to stop it.

Another reason it may not be a good idea is that if you let it do more than two or three nights, it might be hard to stop sleeping with you.

why it’s not such a bad idea

Below are some reasons why it might not be such a bad idea to allow your Labrador to sleep with you.

It improves the feelings of companionship

Letting your Labrador sleep with you is one of the reasons you can improve your association feelings between you and your Labrador. Also, Labradors are bred to work with their owners and they are usually much more comfortable when they’re around their owners when they want.

it you might feel more secure

Another possible advantage is that having your Labrador around you might feel safer. This can help you fall asleep more easily.

Study concluded that it’s not so bad to sleep with you

In the past, some people said that dogs should n’t sleep together, such as making their owners feel like they are no longer leaders. However, a recent study concluded that when you put your Labrador to bed with you, the pros can outweigh the disadvantages. It also found that if your relationship with your Labrador is healthy, there’s no major problem in doing it.

Things to consider

Below are some things that you can consider when deciding whether you should let it do it.

Is there a behavior problem?

If your Labrador has behavioral problems, sleeping with you can make the problem worse. Instead, it is important to deal with behavioral issues and then sleep with you.

How old is it?

It will also help you consider the age of your Labrador. If it is still a puppy, it is likely that if you sleep with you, you will be around and you will get separation anxiety when it is old. If you notice that you are starting to feel uneasy when you leave, you should immediately start taking steps to reduce separation anxiety.

You can sleep on the floor next to the bed instead

Instead of sleeping in bed, you have the option of sleeping on the floor of the room. By doing this, you can reduce the amount you keep awake by moving around it and reduce the chances that it will be owned on top of that place on the bed.

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