5 Best Aquarium Stands For Stable Tank Support

Over 70% of aquarium owners don’t know how to identify an aquarium stand that meets their tank requirements. 45% have purchased crappy aquarium stands while 10% are already thinking of a DIY approach.

Choosing the best aquarium stand for your tank can be challenging. I’ve worked with different brands of aquarium product sellers for over 20 years. And have sold thousands of aquarium products including aquarium stands.

With my two decades of experience, I’ll help you select the right stand for your tank. And I won’t stop here.

Do you know that polyurethane is one of the best finish materials for an aquarium stand?

It’s essential to understand the material make up (whether it’s metal or particle board) of your stand before purchasing one. I’ll guide you on everything else you need to know before buying an aquarium stand.

Let’s get started.

5 Best Aquarium Stands comparison table

Image Product Feature Price
Ameriwood Aquarium Stand Type of material- MDF/ particleboard

Manufacturer- Ameriwood

Capacity- 10-20 gallon

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Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand Type of material- Metal

Manufacturer- Imagitarium

Capacity- 29-gallon tank

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Aqueon Forge Aquarium Stand Type of material- Metal

Manufacturer- Aqueon

Capacity- 10-20 gallon

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Imagitarium Newport Wooden Tank Stand Type of material- wooden

Manufacturer- Imagitarium

Capacity- 20 gallon

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Aquatic Fundamentals 102102, Metal Aquarium Stand Type of material- Metal

Manufacturer- Aquatic fundamental

Capacity- 10 gallon

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Ameriwood Aquarium Stand

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Do you own a 10 or 20-gallon fish tank and want an aquarium stand made with the standard particleboard materials? I’ll recommend the Ameriwood Aquarium Stand. There’s one unique feature of this aquarium stand that I love – it’s the build design.

I was able to place my 10-gallon tank on one side and place the other 20-gallon tank on the reverse point.

Ameriwood specially designed this stand to support certain types of tanks. And of course, ensure a fairly distributed weight.

However, when I first purchased my Ameriwood, I had a little problem with the set up (back when I was still a newbie). I was unable to assemble the pieces together easily.

Thankfully, the complete kit comes with a clear and detailed instructional manual. I was able to follow the instructions and assemble my stand.

I’ll challenge Ameriwood to improve on the quality of paint. It peels easily when drenched in water.


  • Instructional manual for easy setup
  • Designed to be aesthetically pleasing
  • Built with particleboard material
  • Offers a stable support
  • Easy to assemble


  • Paints may chip easily
  • Issues with materials damage

Overall, I’d recommend this fish stand for anyone looking for a stand for their small tank. I love the included cabinet that allows you to store different fish supplies. You can also store the power strip on the upper shelf of the aquarium. Meanwhile, feel free to store other supplies on the bottom shelf.

Apart from Ameriwood Aquarium Stand being a functional stand, it is also an excellent addition to your aquarium regime. I love its aesthetically pleasing design which makes it beautiful than most stands out there.

Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand

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If you own a 29-gallon tank and you’re looking for a cheaper metal fish stand, I’ll recommend the Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand. Assembly is quite a breeze, and you won’t have any problem with that.

My home floor type is rough and uneven. But I was still able to position the metal tank stand stably. Thanks to the adjustable feet that level up to the surface of any floor type.

Compared to another aquarium tank (even though it’s metal), Imagitarium Brooklyn is less pricey and best for anyone on a budget. It doesn’t only come with a modern design but also a durable material that will last for many years to come.

Apart from the nice decor, the stand also offers solid support to your table. I’ll advise you to consider investing in this 29-gallon aquarium.

However, I noticed that there are no storage shelves. If you’re planning to store some fish supplies, you can check the next stand.


  • Highly durable and sturdy steel material
  • Adjustable feel for good levelling
  • Attractive and beautifully designed
  • Available in other sizes to fit your requirements


  • No storage shelve

Overall, the Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand is an excellent stand with modern design. It fits into just about anything.

If you don’t mind the lack of storage shelves, then I recommend going for this stand. It comes at a competitive price. And the adjustable feet fit into your uneven floor.  Not forgetting the durable metal construction.

Aqueon Forge Aquarium Stand

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The first thing that got my attention about this aquarium stand is the pegs that are right on the above shelf. Aqueon design these pegs to prevent your tank from shifting.

Introducing the Aqueon Forge Aquarium Stand.

It is a metallic stand that is specifically designed for glass tanks with plastic frames beneath.

If you own a tank with a different design, then this is definitely not for you.

I’ll strongly advise you not to put a tank that has a heavier size than what this stand can hold. It’s crucial to adhere to this instruction to prevent future damages.

Undoubtedly, thumbs up to the build quality and design of this stand. I’ll also recommend this stand for anyone with limited space in their home or workplace. And on top of that- it is metal made. So you don’t have to worry about durability.

Aqueon Forge Aquarium Stand positions accordingly. No uneven. Or wobbling leg. As said earlier, its finish looks just wow!


  • Solid steel construction
  • Can uphold over two tanks on the go
  • Simple to set up
  • Available in different sizes


  • Some user complains of cracking

The distinctive quality of the Aqueon Forge Aquarium Stand is its ability to uphold two tanks simultaneously. That’s a big advantage for anyone who owns two tanks. At least, it saves the cost of buying two different stands.

Imagitarium Newport Wooden Tank Stand

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If you’re planning to buy a quality stand that can hold your 20-gallon tank, then have a look at the Imagitarium Newport Wooden Tank Stand.

It definitely looked good on my aquarium tank. Beneath the stand is shelves where you can store your fish supplies. Imagitarium understands that wooden black colors usually fit into any living room settings. That’s why they incorporate the color into their aquarium stand.

The shelves look bulky. That’s a sign that imagitarium uses high-quality wood to make the stand.

Great design. Nice decor. Appealing look. That’s not all, – Imagitarium Newport Wooden Tank Stand is designed to provide the right support to your tank.

Another distinctive quality of this aquarium stand is its base that comes with level adjustments.

With this, you won’t have a problem with set up.


  • Appealing design
  • Extremely easy to set up
  • Comes with adjustable protective nylon
  • Feet levels evenly
  • Looks fantastic at its current price
  • Features sufficient storage space


  • May become unsteady
  • Questionable wood quality

Above all, we all thrive on buying the best aquarium stand for our tank. Luckily, this 20-gallon capacity stand promises to offer all the support your tank needs to thrive.

The premium quality material, enough storage space, and excellent holding capacity are a few of the numerous reasons to check out this stand.

Aquatic Fundamentals 102102, Metal Aquarium Stand

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Do you have a small, slim tank? Check out the Aquatic Fundamentals 102102, Metal Aquarium Stand. However, I’ll want you to take note of where the holes are facing when you’re setting up this stand.

Make sure you assemble the stand accordingly to avoid the issue of wobbling or any tendency to rock back and forth.

Additionally, you’ll love the stunning look of this stand. Unlike other stands of similar size, it is waterproof and does not feel too bulky.

Aquatic Fundamentals integrates woodwork to this stand, making it looks expensive than it really was.

I’d recommend this stand for an aquarium with 10-gallon capacity. You can store your tank stuff at its bottom space.

I checked some of its reviews online and noticed that some users complained that the stand is wobbly. I think that’s because they never followed the assembly instructions accordingly.


  • Waterproof feature for long-lasting use
  • Complete kit comes with every necessary tool
  • Easy to set up
  • Perfect for small space


  • Maybe wobbly
  • Has no levelling foot

Overall, this model from Aquatic Fundamentals is best for anyone looking for a cheaper stand with a sleek design. It definitely fits into anywhere you place them in your home or at work.

Everything You Need To Know About An Aquarium Stand

This section contains everything else you need to know about an aquarium stand.

How an Aquarium Stand Works

Aquarium stands are a crucial requirement of the aquatic system. They are solidly designed to fit into a specific tank capacity.

Most stands are usually made with sturdy materials. And because they may likely have contact with your tank water.

Most manufacturers designed their stand to be waterproof.  You can easily assemble and disassemble your stand.

An aquarium stand does not only support your tank size but also its weight. You must consider the size and weight of the stand you’re buying and see if it correlates with your tanks’.

Factors To Consider Before Buying An Aquarium Stand

Many newbie aquarium hobbyists fail because they lack proper planning.

Even for the experienced hobbyists, planning is an important part of owning an aquarium.

Having proper knowledge of what you want in an aquarium stand will help you not just to make the right choice but within your budget. Below are important factors to consider before you buy your next aquarium stand.


You need to consider the size of your aquarium when you’re looking for the right stand. Here is a rule of thumb: If you own a heavier, larger aquarium. You need to support it with a stand that is durable and strong. The strength of your stand should match your tank’s gallon capacity.

I remembered lifting my 50-gallon tank on a stand of 20lb capacity. Got crashed, faster.


Also, stands are differently built to fit into a specific tank shape. For example, my Ameriwood Aquarium Stand is specifically constructed to uphold my rectangular shaped fronts. Some are built to cater to a bow-shaped tank. Make sure you know your tank shape before buying a stand.


Here is an important part. An aquarium stand comes in different material types. You need to understand what these materials are, so you can know what works for you.

Most commonly used materials include:

  • Particleboard (MDF)
  • Plywood, and
  • Metal

I’ll start from the least expensive of the three


As said earlier, they don’t cost much like the other types. Ever seen store-branded stands? The wooden material used is particleboard.

If you own a saltwater aquarium, I’ll suggest not going for the particleboard. Wood may lose quality, and upon exposure to humidity, degrades.


Plywood is the most commonly used material. About 70% of my aquarium stand sales are plywood materials. Many higher-end brands use them.  I found it more durable than particleboard. You see those cabinets and furniture out there? They are made with MDF material. They are less susceptible to water damage.

If what you want is a strong, long-lasting material that can uphold most average weight tanks, I’ll recommend going for a plywood material.


Lastly, if you own a much larger aquarium, forget about using MDF and plywood material. Metal material is the way to go. Exceptionally heavy stands require a stronger stand. That’s where metal materials come in. They will never damage over time.

Over 75% of metal stands are made with stainless steel. Aluminum takes the rest. Here in the U.S, aluminium is beginning to take traction because of its lightweight.

Furthermore, you need to consider your aquarium’s humidity because they determine your stand’s longevity.

For instance, purchasing the wrong stand for your saltwater tank can make them degrade, crumble, or even harm your fish.

Extra Space

Your aquarium stand has to provide enough space where you can store your equipment. If you own a reef aquarium, of course, get ready to spare a good amount of equipment.

You can hide this equipment in tanks with a considerable amount of space to help you hide this equipment. That way, your tank’s beauty is well preserved.

Also, for example, if you want to add a sump to your aquarium, make sure you account for the level of spaces it’d require when you want to look for a stand.

Do you want to maintain the best aquatic space? I’ll suggest buying a tank that has concealable storage alongside holes at the backboard for feeding wires through.

Ease of Set-Up

If it’s your first time setting up an aquatic stand or you’re presuming to leave your present location anytime soon, I’ll suggest you buy the best aquarium stand that you can easily set up and disassemble.

I’ve heard many people overlook this factor. And in the end, they got into trouble with the complicated settings.

From my experience, I noticed that stands that are fitted with metal to metal cam are usually complex to set up, unlike their wooden screw counterparts. Make sure you ascertain your experience with setting up a stand before buying one.

If you’re an amateur, go for one that’s easy to set up.


I’ve answered this question in tons of aquarium discussion forum.

For every stand, the height determines the accessibility and visibility of your aquarium.

The height of your stand will determine its visual appeal.

Are you going to spend the majority of your time sitting and viewing your aquarium? Or will you be standing? You need to determine this, to guide you on what height to select.

If you will be sitting down to view your aquarium, go for a stand with a height of less than 30″ or 76 cm if you will be standing. Or maybe you want to keep in a place with no chair, sofa, or couch for people to sit and view, choose a 36″ or 91cm height.

My first tank was shorter with only a few species of jellyfish and angelfish. And I knew I needed a taller stand that will make it easier for me to interact with my pets. Do you get the idea?

You can buy a stand with adjustable feet. Or go for the one with a fixed height. The adjustable type can be useful whenever you want to lower or raise your tank to fit your preference.

Dimension of stand and fish tank

Fish tanks come in different dimensions. Even with similar gallon capacity.

I’ve seen a 40-gallon tank with a 20″ bottom or even a 59-gallon tank with a 40″ bottom.

What I’m saying is, always check the dimension of your tank and match it up with the stand that you’re checking out.

Thankfully, we have listed many aquarium stand that perfectly fits into your tank perspective of its dimension. You’ll be able to watch your favorite stand-mounted right on your favorite tank. Nothing feels better.


Are you a fashionista? Or got an eye for design?

If the appearance of your tank is your priority, then you need to consider the look of your stand before buying one. Aquarium stands come in different types. The sleek. The modern. And black.

But, hey, you need to strike a balance between a beautiful looking aquarium stand and a valuable quality product. That way, you will be making a size buying decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Most Reliable Brands of Aquarium Stand?

If you want a high-quality aquarium stand, you may want to check out the following:

  • Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank
  • Ameriwood Aquarium Stand
  • Aquatic Fundamentals 102102, Metal Aquarium Stand
  • Imagitarium Newport Wooden Tank Stand
  • Aqueon Forge Aquarium Stand

What Materials are Aquarium Stands Made With?

Aquarium stands come in diverse types of materials. They are plywood, particleboard, and metal.

The least expensive of them is particleboard. Plywood is the most common of the three while the metal material is the strongest of them.

What Is The Best Color for Your Fish Tank?

You can choose between a natural underwater world or go for your preferred bright color. It’s totally up to you.

However, you need to consider the color of the fish you intend to keep, including the plant and rocks in the tank. Black stands to tend to be one of the most beautiful colors around. They also fit into most room decor.

Do Aquarium Stands come with the Waterproof Feature?

There are many waterproofed aquaria stands these days. In fact, most stand brands use materials that are waterproofed in their stand.


Conclusively, when it comes to buying the best aquarium stand, you need to understand the size, shape, and weight of your tank.

Furthermore, you must understand the material type of the stand you’re looking to buy. Not forgetting the ease of the setup process. Your tank height. And even your desired look.

Of course, budget plays a significant role. Make sure you set your budget. And hey, don’t settle for the cheapest brand. You may be sacrificing a lot of quality.