Why does my Labrador not like other dogs?

If your Labrador doesn’t like other dogs, you might want to know why, or you might want to know if there’s anything you can do about it. This post introduces a number of reasons why Labradors don’t like other dogs or the options you have. So why doesn’t my Labrador like other dogs? The conceivable reason is that it didn’t get along with them as a puppy, another dog was aggressive towards it, it was naturally submissive or accidentally rewarded for action.Your Labrador may not like dogs for many different reasons and it could be the result of a combination of them. But there are a few things you can do about it.

Why your Labrador doesn’t like other dogs

Below are some common causes for Labradors not to like other dogs and are likely to be the reasons why you don’t like other dogs.

It was not sociable as a puppy.

Labradors, of course, explore a lot of their environment as puppies and that’s when they learn a lot about the world. Not getting much exposure to other dogs when you’re young may be the reason why your Labrador doesn’t like other dogs. This is because you don’t know what you’re seeing as a threat or what you can make because you may not be learning a reliable dog. In this case, desensitization training is best suited as described in the following sections.

Another dog snapped at it

The reason it is doing is that another dog might snap to it and it is now afraid of other dogs. If you saw another dog snap on it, this would likely be the reason if your Labrador is a puppy. This will help you avoid having it around a potentially violent dog.

It’s obedience.

The cause is also likely to be naturally obedient around other dogs. This is not very common in Labradors, but can happen especially if they are puppies. It’s less aggressive, like a dog or a smaller dog, but it’s more likely to be obedient when you’re around a dog of a similar size. Signs of submissive behavior include lowering yourself to the ground, lying on your back or hiding behind you.

it’s overly protected

The reason it does, it may be protected. This would be more likely if it would be aggressive around other dogs and people who don’t know. You are also more likely to grow into an unfamiliar dog, especially when you are at home or around your property.

has been enhanced

You may also encourage you to behave that way by giving you what you want when you do it. Instead of rewarding, redirect the focus before getting an opportunity to become anxious around the other dog and try to reward it more when it’s done.


You may also not trust other dogs very much. It’s more likely if you could go out with other dogs as a puppy, but you don’t know if it’s afraid of others that they didn’t even like. It is also more likely that you will always act that way around other dogs and if it was not just a sudden change.

Things to consider

Below are some things you can consider about your Labrador that you don’t like other dogs.

When you don’t like other dogs

It helps to consider when riding well with other dogs, and whether there are certain situations where what is different in those situations. If you think you don’t like other dogs when you’re in a particular place, you’ll suggest that it’s something in the environment that is causing you to act abnormally. One possible reason could be that in the past it may have been abused by another dog in its place. If your Labrador seems to don’t like other dogs in all places, it may not be able to socialize as a puppy or do it naturally. But especially if your Labrador didn’t always like it, it could still have been abused by another dog.

when it started

If you like dogs in the past, it can also help you think about what else happened when you no longer like other dogs. If it suddenly stops you from falling in love with another dog, it’s more likely to be due to something like abusing it or perhaps that you rewarded it. On the other hand, if other dogs don’t always like it, it’s naturally likely that they don’t like them, because they are submissive or not so sociable when young.

How old is it?

It will also help you to think about the age of your Labrador. If they are still young, they may have gone through a rather frightening stage that is not uncommon to go through. In this case, it will keep letting it around other friendly dogs and help to reinforce it positively when it is well reached around them. If it’s old, it’s more likely that you were abused or didn’t socialize enough when you were young. Even if it is old, it will be able to be done below.

How to make labradors like other dogs

Below are a few things you can do about your Labrador that you don’t like other dogs.

Let’s go out with other dogs.

The first option is to make sure that the Labrador is around other friendly dogs as often as possible in a controlled environment. If it doesn’t get the chance to be around other dogs very often, it will be more difficult to learn that you are not afraid of them.However, if you think a Labrador might become aggressive, it is important to get professional help from a dog trainer or activist.

Positive reinforcement

Another thing you can do is let other dogs do it around in a controlled environment. Then when you do that, you’ll reward it when you’re behaving the way you want it, and it’ll stop rewarding when you start acting like any other dog. Once it starts to come in and out again, you will reward it. This will tell you that the line is good and you will get rewarded. Again, if you think it might be offensive, getting professional help is the best option.

Avoid encouraging action

As mentioned earlier, you may have been accidentally trained not to like other dogs. Instead of rewarding when it does, redirect the focus before stopping the action the way you want and try to reward when you work the way you want.

avoid putting you in a dangerous situation

If you are not convinced that your Labrador is safe around other dogs, help to avoid putting it in dangerous situations with other dogs. Doing so should help keep your Labrador and other dogs and people safe.

Dog behavior and get help from trainers

If you can’t understand why your Labrador doesn’t like other dogs, or if you can’t stop, consider getting the help of a certified dog behaviorist or trainer. In doing so, you can get expert advice tailored to your particular Labrador and see why you’re doing it and how to stop it.

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