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10 Best Citronella Anti Bark Spray Collars for Dog (Reviews 2020) – ADS

Do you have a problem with your dog’s constant barking? It drives you crazy? Maybe as expected, you’re not alone in this experience. Frankly, it is very common among dog owners.

For this reason, pet company has tried to manufacture the color to suppress this behavior. One of the products they came up with was the Citronella bark collar. And in this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about this necklace.

In fact, this article will even give you a detailed review of the 8 best Citronella bark collars on the market. All in all, we hope that one of these necklaces will keep your dog’s bark in check and bring some peace to your home.

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Best Citronella Bark Collar Review 2020

1. Downtown Pet Supply Citronella Spray Anti-Shell Collar

Downtown Pet Supply Citronella Spray Anti-Shell Collar is the first non-PetSafe product on our list, but it’s still an amazing option for all dog owners to consider. In fact, in some ways, it may be the best choice here.

For example, it has one of the lowest prices on this list and comes with a battery/spray that may be included. This side is huge for some like me who are looking to buy a good deal because sometimes batteries and sprays can make themselves quite expensive.

However, with this collar, you don’t have to worry about this additional cost until the battery and spray need to be replaced. Of course i like if the battery is charged, but at this price i can handle it without this feature.

In addition to including everything that includes batteries and spray cans, I also like that there is a two-step verification system that helps to suppress accidental operation. At this low price, I expected it would not, but I was pleasantly surprised.

In addition, its diversity is another aspect that stands out. See, it weighs 6 pounds and if you have multiple dogs like me, that means you don’t have to buy a Citronella bark collar for each one up to any dog.

As you would expect, this variety can save consumers a lot of money. It also makes it easy to adjust your fit, so your dog won’t feel uncomfortable.

And all these features come with a 60-day refund guarantee, which proves the company, willing to stand behind the product. Honestly, you should always look for an insurance policy or warranty collar in case something happens.

However, customer reviews have revealed one glaring problem. Some customers complained about accidental activation of sneezing and barking on other dogs. This report is not what I want to read about the collar I am thinking of buying.

In fact, i can’t take risks because the dog I live in is a densely populated area. I don’t want my dog to be sprayed for something he didn’t. It will just bring him confusion and traumatic him.

What we like

  • 1 6 volt disposable battery at the time of purchase
  • Citronella spray cans available
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Suitable for dogs weighing more than 6 pounds
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Lowest price in this list

After all, with the tendency of this color to be activated by mistake, I can not justify buying this product. It is not just produced for the training of my dog.

2. Pet Safety Small Control Citronella Anti-Shell Collar

Our last PetSafe product on this list, The PetSafe Little Control Citronella Anti-Bark Collar, is a fantastic option for owners of small breeds of dogs. So, it has all the features you can ever want on the Citronella bark collar.

For example, it is completely waterproof. As mentioned in other product reviews, my dog loves to swim. It is probably his favorite thing to do, so, the collar of waterproofing must have quality.

And let’s be honest. You will need a waterproof collar at least because it will happen at some point no matter where you live. Thus, a collar like this will destroy your new collar and protect you from the rain.

In addition, the accompanying RFA batteries are extremely durable and reliable. You don’t have to worry about malfunctioning this collar. In fact, this product is one of the most reliable on this list.

PetSafe also designed this color specifically for small dogs. Of course, this wouldn’t be the right option for my situation: I’m a rather big Pitbull. But for anyone with Jack Russell, this collar can be an amazing option.

And like most products on this list, there are two verification systems to ensure that there is no accidental activation. If i had a small dog, I think this product would be moved to the top of my list.

However, the high quality of this product comes in price, in fact, a very high one. It’s something I can afford to see myself, especially, considering that these collars are meant for short-term use.

After all, this collar does not seem to be going to replace the standard daily collar. It just doesn’t make sense to put down this amount of money on something I just used for a short time.

What we like

  • Easy to mount
  • Waterproof
  • Reliable RFA battery.
  • Explicitly designed for all small dog breeds.
  • 2 Verification system

Things we didn’t like

  • It cannot be used in larger varieties
  • Expensive

After all, this collar does not fit my needs for two reasons: fit and price. But a person with a small dog can certainly benefit from having this collar in their life. It is truly a high quality, valuable option.

3. Petsafe Gentle Citronella Anti-Color

The first product on our list, PetSafe Soft Citronella anti-peel collar, comes from a manufacturer that can be seen by many on this list: PetSafe. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that this color is of very high quality.

For example, the collar is waterproof. Of course, this doesn’t mean that The Collar will survive the swimming session, but it will do well in the storm. And given the rainy place I live in, this feature should be absolutely on the citronella bark collar I bought.

Also, the diversity of this color is another aspect I find unbelievable. No matter the size, it looks like you can fit into any dog. Therefore, if one of my dogs picks up the barking habit, I don’t have to buy a whole new collar.

Trust me; The first color i purchased did not have an adjustable color to meet the needs, so it is very cumbersome to continue to buy a collar after the collar. It’s good to know that you don’t have to waste money along the lines of other collars.

In addition to the adjustable collar, this practical collar includes batteries and sprays. As someone who appreciates all-inclusive products, this collar is definitely a good fit for the bill.

Additionally, the cost of the collar will not inflate due to the surcharge. As described in Section 6, the price of batteries and spray cans is a bit ridiculous when sold separately.

In addition, most customers reported that the collar was working quickly and efficiently. It is always excellent to read numerous reviews about bark necklaces that effectively suppress dog barking.

However, there was one problem with these reviews. Some customers said that necklaces are susceptible to accidental activation, such as when a dog sneezes and moves quickly. These conclusions are not exactly ideal.

What we like

  • Waterproof
  • You can work with dogs over 6 pounds.
  • The adjustable nylon collar can fit a dog with a neck of up to 24 inches.
  • Includes a 6 volt battery and spray.
  • Low price
  • Customers often report fast and efficient results.

Things we didn’t like

  • Some customers complained that there would be too sensitive and accidental activation.

Overall, this collar has proven to be a very acceptable, valuable option for dog owners; However, its propensity for accidental activation makes me uncomfortable buying one. Because of this, it is a no-buy for me.

4. Pet Safety Spray Commander Training Collar

One of the only manual citronella bark collars on the market, the PetSafe Spray Commander Training Collar is a unique and durable option for all dog owners to consider.

For example, the 80-foot range of the remote control is an inexplicable feature. It gives you complete control over your dog’s training experience without being right next to you.

Honestly, if my dog doesn’t need an automatic Citronella bark collar, I will take a long look at buying one of these collars. My dog loves to swim, and this citronella collar is completely waterproof.

This feature will be such a joy to me personally. I thought he was a good time for swimming, so I don’t have to worry about my dog getting a little rowdy and destroying the collar.

And the waterproofing side is not the tip of the iceberg; It has many different features that I find desirable. For example, it runs on two replacement 6 volt batteries, which I buy and an absolute necessity for any Citronella bark collar.

There are also three options for correcting your dog’s behavior. Obviously, one of these is a spray, but it’s also two tons or a spray coming up with your dog beep.

But even with all the great features, there are two important issues with this color, price and functionality. First, the price is ridiculous for citronella bark collar. I mean, it’s not even close to what I co-don.’

Secondly, I need an automatic Citronella bark collar because my dog has trouble barking excessively in my absence. Therefore, this color will be completely useless for my situation.

What we like

  • The remote control ranges from 80 feet.
  • Waterproof; It can be submerged in 5 feet of water.
  • You can work on dogs ranging from 8 pounds or more
  • An adjustable color that can fit a dog with a neck of up to 23 inches
  • 2 replaceable 6V batteries
  • There are three corrective options to curb your dog’s barking.

Things we didn’t like

  • Very expensive
  • It is a manual citronella bark collar

Sadly, this collar doesn’t fit my needs or buy for me because it’s in my price range. But if you are looking for a manual Citronella bark collar, this is easily the best choice. In fact, it is your only option.

5. Bakrit Remote Citronella No Shell Training Collar

BankLight Remote Citronella No Bark Training Collar is the second manual Citronella bark collar on our list. So, it has a unique feature that allows you to control the entire experience.

And like PetSafe’s manual Citronella bark collar, it provides this sense of control remotely. With this particular remote control, you can have a range of 450 feet. For me, this range would be enough.

In addition, the waterproofing function is always a plus. Trust me; If the collar is not waterproof or waterproof, there is no reason to purchase it. It’s eventually being a waste of money, and you’ll be back on Amazon looking for a new one.

In addition to having waterproof and remote control, this collar has two levels of vibration. I like this aspect because i can warn my dog before the spray is released.

I wish the auto collar had the equivalent of this feature. It’s a way to abolish your dog barking without a scary citronella smell. It also gives you more control over your dog’s no-peel training experience.

Along the same line, this collar also has two levels of citronella back to give the owner another aspect they can control. Unfortunately, most auto-collars have no way of adjusting the Citronella spray.

In addition, it has a very low price for manual citronella bark collar. After all, there’s a lot to like about this particular product, and I think this will be at the top of my list if you don’t need an automatic collar.

But you still have to think a lot about fault ydty ID: the battery life of this collar is quite inspirational. Several customers reported that the battery was dying for more than an hour. This lack of longevity is little about, but you can’t use this necklace when it disappears anyway.

What we like

  • Adjustable collars for neck sizes range from 7 inches to 24 inches.
  • Waterproof
  • It has a range of 450 feet
  • Two-stage vibration
  • Citronella Spray Stage 2
  • Low cost

Things we didn’t like

  • The battery can die after an hour.

Because of this is a manual Citronella bark collar, it will be more a purchase for me. But this collar is a fantastic option for anyone looking for a collar that can be used strictly when you are at home. Frankly, I can even prefer PetSafe manual citronella bark collar.

6. Barkgard BT-88C Citronella Auto Anti Bark Collar

Barkgard Citronella Auto Anti-Shell Collar is a pretty standard product. There’s everything you can expect from a luxury Citronella bark collar. Honestly, it’s a run of wheat collars that do everything you want.

Sometimes these types of products have the highest value. In this case, the lowest price collar in this list is easy to fit. It has an incredibly low price, but it still has a bunch of features I love.

For example, it has an adjustable collar that fits perfectly into my dog’s neck without causing any discomfort. And the first thing you should always look for is the extra space and collar that fits the size of your dog.

It’s also easy to use. All you have to do is pop the battery on and put the collar on your dog, then, the training will begin. Frankly, there is little to like in this life than a product with less maintenance like this collar.

Barkguard also offers a one-year warranty that gives customers confidence in their products. This confidence is always what you look for before you buy any product, let alone a collar.

And the battery has proven to be compatible with many mainstream spray cans that offer a different level of convenience. But there are two very suspicious problems with this product.

First, you need to buy a spray separately. As mentioned earlier, this issue is not a universal nuisance, but a personal preference. However, it can inflate costs to a level you don’t want to pay.

The second problem is more prevalent, and the collar is not waterproof or waterproof. The lack of this feature is not something I can justify having with my Citronella bark collar; My dog is so playful.

What we like

  • Adjustable color for the size of the dog’s neck from 8 to 24 inches
  • Incredibly affordable
  • One-year warranty
  • Easy to use
  • The battery has been tested to work with all liquor spray cans.

Things we didn’t like

  • Citronella spray is not included.
  • Not waterproof or waterproof.

This color does not fit the specific properties required for the collar. Therefore, I do not see myself having bought this collar for my dog. It’s not just what I’m looking for, but it’s not a bad option for anyone on a budget.

7. Downtown Pet Supply Citronella Gentle Spray Anti-Shell Collar

The second downtown pet supply product on this list, downtown pet supply Citronella Gentle Spray anti-shell, durable and durable, carries the company’s reputation as the top of the line products well.

There is everything you can expect from the Citronella bark collar. For example, it has a collar that adjusts to make it useful for all sizes of dogs. After all, I think there’s nothing worse than buying a collar, and it doesn’t fit.

In addition to the standard adjustable collar, several customers used it to report fast and efficient results. Frankly, customer reviewers are one of the most important aspects of researching products like collars.

And if these customer reviewers are positive, you’ll see that they’re looking at a product that does exactly what’s promised. Anyway, these reviews hold a lot of weight on your decisions.

But back to the product in hand, downtown pet supply also shows a bit of faith in their products 30 We offer a day warranty. And this collar comes at an affordable price. But in my eyes, the really important thing about this collar is where it fails.

For example, it is not waterproof or waterproof. As mentioned earlier, the lack of this feature is unacceptable for all the collars I am considering. Why I’m not going back, but it’s not just a practical decision for me to get a non-waterproof or waterproof collar.

It is also prone to accidental activation. Now, this report of accidental activation was enough in a handful of people, but I was a little worried. After all, I do not think I can buy this collar in good faith.

What we like

  • Safe and efficient when used.
  • Adjustable collar to fit the size of the dog’s neck up to 26 inches
  • Customers receive a 30-day warranty.
  • Low price

Things we didn’t like

  • Vulnerable to accidental activation
  • There is no waterproofing.

With the two important flaws mentioned above, I think I will have to put down this collar as my favorite on the list. It just doesn’t have the qualities I need for a citronella bark collar.

8. JK Tech Anti-Bark Spray Collar

The last collar, the JK TECH ant bark spray collar, is a well-crafted, practical citronella bark collar that will meet the needs of most dog owners at an incredibly affordable price. In fact, it has some features that I love.

For example, the collar is rechargeable because it is connected to a USB cable. So you don’t have to worry about replacing the battery. Instead, connect the collar to a USB cable and continue the day.

As someone who hates replacing batteries, I think this feature is original. It also warns you when the battery is low with a lit LED display. It looks like a simple enough feature, but it is very convenient.

In addition to making it easier to handle batteries, JK-TECH has been given control of how much citronella is released during each spray. This feature allows you to feel the control that other automatic citronella bark collars do not provide.

By doing so, the color adds a unique element worth considering while looking for the best citronella bark collar. Also, if it’s waterproof, which means you won’t be well in the pool, it’ll be fine in the rain.

And it all comes at one of the lowest prices in this full list. I mean, this seems like the best deal here. However, there is one kind that makes me think twice about buying this product: it doesn’t come with a spray number.

Now, although this collar does not come with a spray ca.n included, it does not mean that this product is not necessarily purchased. Since the collar is rechargeable, it won’t inflate the cost, so you’ll have to pay extra for spray cans.

But I still don’t like the fact that I have to buy it separately and that means more research on how spray can fit the collar. Honestly, if I buy a product like this, I want all the stuff to buy one perfect.

What we like

  • Rechargeable color with USB cable
  • LED display to let you know when your battery is low
  • You can adjust the amount of citrus scandinatosis
  • Low price
  • Waterproof

Things we didn’t like

  • Do not include spray cans.

All in all, this collar is no buy from me because I don’t want to buy a spray that I can do separately. However, if you are so cool, this color is a fantastic product worth considering.

What is the Citronella bark collar?

The first thing you need to know is that citronella bark collar spray is a kind of bark collar. Other spray collars use lemon juice or water to suppress unwanted barking. But as you might guess, the citronella bark collar uses citronella oil.

Can you ask yourself exactly what citronella oil is? Well, it is a natural oil used in various products from insect repellent to certain perfumes. Frankly, it is a versatile and useful substance.

Citronella oil comes from leaves and stems of different types of lemongrass. And the company uses that horrible taste to keep your dog’s barking. Thus, this necklace uses negative reinforcement to help your dog resist the temptation to bark.

In other words, it is very similar to the way the shock collar is used, but it is much more humane. In fact, there is one particular study that concludes that these are more effective than color shock collars.

As someone who has always been very uncomfortable with the shock collar, I find this conclusion very comforting. With this information, there is no reason to use the shock collar as a last resort.

Types of citronella bark collar

Within the citronella bark collar world, there are two types: automatic and manual. The sections below describe the differences between the two and describe the situations that are appropriate for each type to use.

Automatic Citronella bark collar

As you might expect, the automatic Citronella bark collar will require a little work for you. You can simply put it in the collar and do its purpose. In the process, the necklace relies on a microphone to remove the spray according to your dog’s barking.

However, there are certain complications that often appear in these models. For example, a low quality automatic citronella bark collar can be set by other sounds besides the barking of a dog.

In this case, your dog may be confused about turning off the spray. And since all successful dog training relies on consistency, such accidental activation can cause big problems.

Therefore, you need to find a high quality one to ensure that this complication does not occur during training. Thankfully, all the automatic Citronella bark collars in this article are of high quality, so, you don’t have to worry about this of this product.

After all, the automatic citronella bark collar is ideal for dogs who tend to bark when the owner is not at home. After all, there’s nothing worse than getting constant complaints from neighbors about barking dogs.

Manual Citronella bark collar

Unlike the automatic version, the manual Citronella bark collar is about providing owner control through all the training experience. These colors allow you to control the spray mechanism from a distance.

In other words, the barking itself determines when it becomes excessive, not the shell collar itself. This product is a rare commodity, but there are a few available on the entire peel collar market and two are on this list: PetSafe Spray Commander and Barkrite Remote Citronella No-Shell Training Collar.

However, I believe that this collar can come to hand for owners who live in many areas with potential accidental activation triggers. I mean, there’s no reason to be punished for your dog’s uncommitted behavior.

For example, let’s say you live in an apartment next to another barking dog, this collar will ensure that the dog’s barking dog does not activate your dog’s bark collar. This color is a way to make sure your dog is not confused about exactly causing the spray.

However, this necklace is useless to control your dog’s barking when you’re not at home. If your dog’s head doesn’t have roots quickly, barking can activate the spray.

All in all, it is recommended to keep away from this peel necklace unless you have a very moderate barking problem only when you are at home. Remember that your dog’s barking doesn’t just matter. It’s all about.

How does the Citronella shell collar work?

Dog Dog Bar

Automatic citronella bark collars all work in a relatively similar way. However, there are some subtle differences that will go through this section, so, you fully understand how these products work.

Automatic Citronella bark collar

The automatic Citronella bark collar has a built-in microphone inside the necklace, warning you about your dog’s barking. When the microphone picks up the barking, the collar places the Citronella spray as a deterrent.

When everything goes well, your dog starts to associate his barking with a terrible smelling citronella spray. As mentioned earlier, these collars have had problems in the past with accidental activation.

Therefore, a pet products company that puts value in making the best collar has recorded this problem. In response, they started putting two verification systems in these collars.

In other words, the microphone only releases spray when it picks up both the dog’s throat vibrations and the actual barking, adding another layer of protection for accidental activation.

All in all, if you want to buy an automatic Citronella bark collar, I find this two verification system is an essential feature. It may cost you an extra couple of dollars, but it is worth as an insurance for accidental activation.

Manual Citronella bark collar

As mentioned earlier, the manual Citronella bark collar comes with a remote control. With this remote control, the collar may be entirely under your control. Thus, the training course is literally in the palm of your hand.

The buttons on the remote control give you complete control over the collar. I wouldn’t like to use this necklace because I find it very difficult to discipline my dog: I’m a pushover.

However, this necklace can be a godsend to the dog owner who has no problem putting his feet down. Frankly, the manual Citronella bark collar seems to have a specific trigger designed for dogs.

For example, if your dog always barks at a mail/mailwoman, you can wear this necklace and use it to suppress your dog’s attack on the postal/postal woman.

In other words, these necklaces are about riding aggression against certain triggers rather than constantly stopping the dog from barking. I mean, this necklace doesn’t help barking dogs just because you’re not at home.

In this case, these colors will be useless purchases. And the neighbor will continue to complain about the dog’s non-stop barking. As the owner of a dog that likes to bark, this is not what you want.

Advantages and disadvantages of citronella bark necklace

Dog Dog Bar

In this section, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of using these colors to provide a little recharge. It summarizes many of the points we made in the previous section.

As with the previous section, it is divided into two parts: automatic and manual citronella bark collar. It’s easier to separate them because it’s important to understand the two advantages and disadvantages.

Automatic Citronella bark collar


  • Control your dog barking in your absence
  • More human than other types of bark collars
  • You don’t need to do anything other than wear a collar.
  • Cheaper than manual models


  • Accidental activation may occur.
  • You can’t control the spray.
  • Sometimes it may not react to the shell of the treble.
  • Some dogs do not respond to sprays

Manual Citronella bark collar


  • You can control the training environment remotely.
  • No accidental activation
  • It can be used to suppress unwanted behavior, such as your dog’s attemptto dispose of garbage.
  • More human than other types of bark collars


  • Stop training in absence
  • Only one high-quality model on the market
  • More expensive than automatic models
  • Some dogs do not respond to sprays

Now, when you understand all the pros and cons, it’s time to start thinking about all the things you should consider before buying one. In the next section, we’ll look at the essential aspects that need to be discussed.

Factors to consider when buying citronella bark collars

Dog Dog Bar

Before buying a citronella bark collar, there is a thing to consider. In fact, the following aspect is to decide if you are the best choice for your situation.

Neck size

First, you need to know the size of your dog’s neck. If you buy the wrong size collar, the product will end up useless. So, be yourself doing your favor and you need to understand the exact size your dog needs.

Typically, color manufacturers help with product descriptions through size charts or measures. However, if you don’t know the size of your dog’s neck in advance, these two things are useless.

Therefore, go out to measure the tape and get the job done. If you’re wondering how to measure your dog’s neck efficiently, here’s a great guide to detail this process.

After all, don’t rely on estimates or general breed ranges that can be found on the Internet. Instead, do the work and get the correct neck size so you can get the best citronella collar possible. After all, no one likes to waste money.

Water resistance

It is essential to realize that most citronella bark collars will not be completely waterproof. In other words, most of these collars will not survive going for a swim. And as a person with a dog who likes to swim, this limit is bum.

However, some of these colors are waterproof. I think this feature is important and i think there should be all the collars I’m considering. Behold, I always live in a place where it rains.

So, nature is not always friendly and sometimes can be caught on the outside, so sometimes you need a collar to survive heavy rains. If you live in a wet place like me, it is a necessity that you at least get a waterproof Citronella bark collar.

In the end, it’s going to rain eventually, and you don’t want to break a new collar of something silly like a rain shower because.

Manual or automatic

As described above, there are certain situations in which the automatic or manual citronella bark color may have an edge over the other. Therefore, it is important to determine the format that is appropriate for your situation.

For example, I took a lot of time and my dog would bark a lot in my absence. He has a very serious distrust of squirrels in my forecourt. Because of this, my neighbor will complain about barking.

Therefore, the citronella bark collar I chose would have to be automatic. There is no way a manual Citronella bark collar can help my situation unless I have someone come to my absence.

And it’s not practical. On the other hand, if you’re just trying to curb the barking of a dog they think is protecting you, a manual Citronella bark collar may be a better option for you.

Part 2 Verification

If you choose an automatic citronella bark collar, a two-part verification system is required. Previously, this system was protected from accidental activation, which is very harmful to the suppression process.

See, accidental activation can cause this dog to be unsure about exactly what to do with the spray. If no link is formed between spray and barking, the color becomes effectively useless.

More importantly, this confusion can be traumatized because you don’t understand why neuroses or nervous dogs are punished. It’s not just what you want to go through your dog.

Therefore, make sure that the automatic Citronella collar you buy has two ways to detect the dog’s barking. Don’t get traumatized by your dog because a necklace without a two-part verification system is cheaper. After all, it’s not worth it.

What kind of battery does the collar use?

In the study, you’ll find that most citronella bark collars use small, disposable batteries. However, certain citronella bark collars use rechargeable batteries.

I personally prefer rechargeable batteries. I don’t like the idea that batteries should be replaced when they die constantly. But you can see the logic of choosing a citronella bark collar with disposable batteries.

Let’s be honest; This collar is not a permanent necklace for dogs. It is a necessary product for a short period of time to help suppress annoying behavior. And a collar with a rechargeable battery will probably be more expensive.

With this in mind, however, you will also choose a collar with a rechargeable battery. I like the idea that there is no need to change the battery of the collar. Behold, I’m terrible with mechanical stuff, and even the simple things like replacing batteries can be a nightmare.

Do you include spray cans and batteries?

At some point while searching Amazon, you can’t be incredibly You can come across one of these collars at a lower price. In most cases, it is priced in this way because it does not come with spray cans and batteries included.

Don’t make the mistake of buying this necklace. Ultimately, buying these separate spray cans and batteries will be more expensive than the one that includes these features. It may seem like a deal, but it is not.

Companies do this to trick customers into thinking they’re haggling. Instead, they want you to buy spray cans and batteries they sell separately. This is a way for customers to pay more for two or three products than one all-inclusive collar.

Overall, it’s just how this company squeezes more money from its customers. Don’t fail the victims in this trap and thoroughly research each product. It will help you save money in the long run.


In this section, we’ll answer the remaining questions regarding the Citronella bark collar. It will try to alleviate you with any doubt scepmes or still concerns about these products.

Is citronella bark collar safe?

High doses of citronella can be dangerous for dogs, but this product is relatively safe. Can you ask yourself how it works? Well, this collar doesn’t do much of it.

In fact, only about 10% of the substances used to inhibit your dog’s behavior. Therefore, it is not enough to cause a serious threat to your dog’s health.

But the use of these colors becomes a problem in certain situations. For example, a dog with breathing problems should not have one of these necklaces. It will only make their ability to breathe more difficult.

Anyway, you should consult your veterinarian before considering buying one. After all, it’s a good idea to get an expert opinion on whether pet-related products are appropriate for your dog’s specific situation.

Where to buy citronella bark collar?

Like other pet products, Amazon is a great place to find the best Citronella bark collar. In fact, every color in the Product Review section has a hyperlink to the Amazon page.

However, there are other sites where you can also use and find amazing deals. Chewy, for example, is a fantastic site ready to meet your pet-related product needs. Honestly, you should check all Amazon’s prices for Chewy’s if they have a better deal.

In the real world, there must be a citronella bark collar for sale in local pet stores or big chain stores like Wal-Mart. In most cases, they’ll be more expensive in this store, so, it’s a good idea to buy online.

Which is best for small dogs.

Let’s face it; The largest yappers among dogs tend to be small varieties. For example, the Chihuahua is a notorious barker who can push his owner into a wall that constantly barks.

With that in mind, I think it’s important to know which color is right for this little diva. In my personal opinion, PetSafe Gentle Citronella is the first list of anti-bark collars.

The collar is said to be suitable for dogs weighing more than 6 pounds. This range is the lowest of the colors mentioned in this article. Therefore, it is the best choice for small dog owners.

In other words, it has a wider range. As a result, your dog’s necklace is too small to cause a small risk of working properly.


After reading this article, I think you are ready to make a responsible decision about buying a Citronella bark collar. I am very confident that the best citronella bark collar for your dog belongs to this article.

However, if not, at least you now know what you should be looking for in one. After all, I hope this article will make your decision much easier and less stressful. Trust me; We know how stressful it can be to buy pet-related products.

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